All The Comforts

Camping last summer will be like the Ritz,  compared to our upcoming trip.


No RV this time, even the 76 will look good when compared to our tent.

We will be as comfortable as we can be at our age, even with aches and pains.

Air mattress will be great if we can get up come morning .

The dog,  well she will love her time away,  she will have lots of people to see.

This time the river will not be across the road from us but steps from the tents zipper.

There is a fire pit which will be welcome as the rains come and temps drop.

Looking forward to some hours away after all I have tried to do of late.

A few meals cooked over the fire and some tasty drinks with friends now that is how

I shall welcome Fall.    So if you are someplace warm, enjoy your weekend.  I will walk

along the river, capturing who knows what in my lens.  You know you will see a few

right here.


Peace and Love to you all


8 thoughts on “CAMPING LAST SUMMER

  1. Oh my gosh!! I LOVE your camp set up! Cute beyond words and of course the border collie. The flowers, the table cloth. Everythiing. Perfect! Please post more photos.
    I think your just start to write and it turns into a poem . Great stuff.
    I am now in Tropic Utah. Interesting town. Not what you’d call hopping!
    Sorry I didn’t get to look up your son in Jackson Hole, but I thought it would be pushy….ya know, who is this old broad who my mom talks to on the computer! LOL!
    Hope you have sunny days on your camping trip and keep on postin!

    1. No problem on Mike honest and he is mine so pushy old broads would be welcome lol He knows he is loved and talked about 🙂

      I am at a place in my life Cindy where life is what it is and if I had to stay at a campground to find peace within I was determined to make it like my home away from home. We went home 2 or 3 days a week to care for our house and cat and feed the birds and Turkeys 🙂 We were only 2 1/2 hrs from home but with him in the river gold prospecting and me making jewelry with only a dog and her frisbee for distraction it was beautiful. I had salad growing in one pot with flowers and tomatoes that were so delish and I had 3 huge hanging plants by the time Hurricane Irene blew in and we had to find a road that was still whole that we could actually get this old 1976 RV home on. Roads washed out bridges gone but we made it! So RV will sit here this weekend as we ROUGH it in a tent I will set up camp pretty even if we are just there for 2 nights even when I drove a semi 16-18 hrs a day I kept her washed and pretty just who I am I guess just appreciate life I have. Good or bad rich or poor I seem to just make the best of it 🙂

      Utah, did you see the recent snow? I love the west and freedom of openness nothing like the cities I am 1 to 4 hrs. from 🙂 but then again I do have the sea to entertain me 🙂 oh and the dog who holds my heart.

      Have a great weekend Cindy and I will share some lovely fall colors I am sure when we return Sunday 🙂


      1. Thanks Cindy enjoy your quiet time out in UTAH

        I am looking forward to tomorrow rain or not


    1. Wish you lived closer lol I have too many photos to share lol better to see and experience it yourself 🙂

  2. Ah ! Camping holidays. I used to love them,out in the fresh air but hoping it does’nt rain. Your outfit looks great, you have thought of everything including that lovely hanging basket. Dont’ forget a book to read just in case. Have a great time.

    1. Thanks Rita the call is for rain but the photos will just be that much better, SHINY 🙂
      I will bring some things to make earrings with and I asked the campground owner is I could sell some he said hang a sign it is a very busy road 🙂 maybe it will be a working holiday for me light rain I can do thunder and lightening under all those trees not so good.
      Tent photos will be different then this one of our rv lol but more woodsy not so bad
      Have a great weekend !

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