Have you heard of the Big Box store LOWES?

Let me tell you a little about our local store here in our town.

They try to help the communities they build their stores in.

They give grants to the local clubs and schools for building supplies and plants.

Well in this case a past Garden Club president applied for and won a grant to make a few

spots in our town  a little prettier with the gift of a grant from Lowes.

We had a wonderful summer but really to hot for workers and plants.

Today I the secretary of the Garden Club met with two wonderful woman.  They brought

with them Rose bushes, Coreopsis,Aster and Heavy Metal Switch Grass.  They

also brought some soil and peat moss.  The HR woman from our store was able to bring with her

today on a cloudy misty morning,  one worker and I joined them as a member of the garden club.

I brought a rake, broom and garden fork and a pickup truck full of bark mulch , donated by our town.

The three of us got busy Melody from HR dug, we filled holes with mix and plants then we all

raked it out and added the bark mulch.  In the end the intersection looked so pretty,  well until we had to

put the POLITICAL SIGNS back up 😦  Can’t wait till NH votes and the signs DISAPPEAR!

Next summer I will do an update post on this to show you how it filled in.  Wish our club luck.

We need more members as we live in a HUGE town.



Epping NH
Garden Club Project with Lowes



Lowes Department Stores
Lowes sent HELP and PLANTS



Our Towns  Highway Department
Thanks for the Bark Mulch!



Epping Garden Club Project with Lowes
Looking LOVED



Project Completed by Lowes workers and myself


Well that is the end of today’s story.

Show and tell will begin next year after our nasty winter comes and goes.

Thanks so much again Lowes for making a section of our town BEAUTIFUL

Now let’s hope the drivers SLOW DOWN and appreciate the work that has been done

in their section of town.


What did you do this morning?  Have a great weekend!

I will be resting with the injured pup on the couch hope she shares her ICE










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    1. Thanks it really was nce to have them pick the garden club and then wait till cooler weather came to get the plants into the ground the 3 of us worked like a well oiled machine 🙂

    1. Thanks! Thanks to Lowes for coming through for us when everyone had given up of the project I do NOT QUIT! lol

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