18 thoughts on “BRIGHT

  1. Maybe my eyes are just tired from reading a lot..but when I look in the center of that flower and let them rest, it seems to move a little. What an amazing pattern of seeds the Sunflower has.

    1. I know I love how they are designed so cleaver Mother Nature is and soon the birds will devour each and ever seed from it and others 🙂 Sorry it made your eyes cross lol it is intense though and so tight they are till they are ripe just ingenious!

    1. I do love how they are made as much as their beauty they are so unique Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    1. Thank you I love how they are constructed to I take a lot of photos of how they are made lol I always get a photo before the birds get to the seed though 🙂 Usually I always have Big Bumble Bees on them when they open 🙂

    1. Awe Thanks I just mess around with my easy share I swear cloudy days are even better but I always(we except sunrise lol)keep the light or sun behind me and I mess around just trying to focus as tight as I can most bugs caught in my lens I never see I am so busy trying to get the center of a flower lol I like other type photos landscape etc. you know ocean and forest scenes but flowers are sitting ducks when it is not windy lol Thanks for saying you REALLY LIKED IT 🙂

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