Do you have a Fairy who calls your garden home

Fairy Houses


Fairy Houses arrive in Portsmouth NH
People use all kinds of items to build their Fairy Houses Remember these?



Fairy House
Fairy House



They will be hiding in the Garden




9 thoughts on “Do you have a Fairy who calls your garden home

    1. No not here the dog would claim them as her TOYS lol They have a big intallation in Prescott Park Portsmouth NH each year anyone can get one made and display them there Love them I have a wedding to shoot Sat but hope I can head there right after to get new photos

      1. no I just take my camera everywhere I go and read the local papers for what is happening within 1 hr of here lol I am really boring I think lol

  1. When my kids were little, I used to find all kinds of little fairy houses all over our yard. Once I even found little fairy out house, with a tiny pile of moss nearby for TP!

    1. Too Cute! I had my camera in my hand days after a friend commited suicide and the Yucca(Stairway to Heaven my Grandmother called it)was in bloom and I pushed the button by mistake weeks later when downloading I saw something showed a friend in email and she said I was blessed as I had a real fairy that calls my place home it was set to Macro from earlier that day and really it should have just been a blur so I have a new appreciation for those who welcome them to their yards 🙂

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