Rain Coming?

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Folsom Mill Studio

I was sure of it!

IΒ  still grabbed the leash.

JT sat in front of me, she lovesΒ  this new thing


We take off, even though the skies are looking crazy bad here in the mountains.

I put the phone and camera in a bag, I was certain we would be caught in a downpour.

We were not.

We reached the top of an enormous hill and it was still.

I could hear my heart beating from the steep climb

JT was having a blast chasing her stick.

I was having fun capturing some pretty shots of the sky and flowers, that waited for us at the top.

Life is GOOD, the trek back is all DOWNHILL!

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10 thoughts on “Rain Coming?

    1. Thanks so much I really do appreciate you blessing me with this award but I have bowed out of them as I have been given so many I will read the one you were given and check your list out for ones I have yet to see though πŸ™‚
      Thanks again

      1. I may eventually do that, but I like the discipline of going through and looking at people’s blogs, and commenting on them again. It is a lot of work, but it makes me diversify.

    1. That is 2 in 2 days 😦 I am sorry I am no longer doing them

      I have posted all of mine and so many answers about me already, too much to bore you all and I have lots of my favorite blog links under awards too.

      Thanks I do appreciate you thinking of me just that you take the time to peek in on me now and then means the world

      1. I am glad you understand it is not YOU lol it is me but on my Living and Lovin page click on awards and check out some of the links to others I have place there and answers for like 10 or 15 I have received when I get more time when house is all painted I shall give out AWARDS πŸ™‚

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