last year

Last year the backyard was nice but just not PERFECT.  This year

for me has been so much better from the start!

The Spider plant has more than tripled in size, to the point

she no longer can hang , well not unless I use a CHAIN.  The lawn

with just enough rain is so green, and soft to walk on.  I never water the

lawn or plants  that are not in pots(those get watered  each day or every other)

the perennials also do not get extra water.  I grow plants raised here for the range of temps and

four different seasons. They for the most part are tough survivors, like us.

The storms have taken our pretty little spot for shade and

tore it apart not once but twice.   My boyfriend was a welder for years and with

welding rods and some DUCK TAPE we have gotten another year

of it.  Thankfully as this is where I doing beading outside as well as wire wrapping

all the while playing with JT and taking photos of back yard visitors who do not mind us

sitting out there.

Next year I have a lot plans for this place we call home.

There will be many  plants grown from seed this winter, for plants to go into

a new English Garden as well as all plants that will feed us,  throughout the year.

I was given glass from an old greenhouse a friend had no use for and boyfriend will build

me a greenhouse  to move them out  into even it there is snow still on the ground.  The sun is

amazing on this piece of land from sunrise through sunset. We have a windmill and 1 solar panel

so far to help with filling the needs for electricity even if it is for a small FREE amount for now we

can build on it little by little.

I will try to leave enough room in the greenhouse to grow some pretty plants for the garden club

here in town I am secretary of.  Hangers ready for Mother’s Day plant sale would be so nice to work towards.

I have to say this time last year I hurt so bad and emotionally hurt more, on most days but just a year later

so much has changed.  All it took was me putting one foot in front of the other and doing just one day at a time.


12 thoughts on “Home

    1. I think you are right! I come from Grandmother’s on both sides who grew and loved so many things I think of them as I plant and smile when they bloom they would be so proud of me enduring what I have and coming out the other side
      Dirt under these nasty wire wrapping fingernails always feel good to me and you are right it settles my soul
      HUGS for knowing so you are so far away but seem to understand completely

    1. Thanks it does help to take your mind away from your troubles yanking weeds and dead heading once pretty blossoms 🙂

    1. It is a wonderful spot to do anything that is for sure. Heard a tree fall late this afternoon when the winds kicked up in our area must be one a Beaver had ready to fall 😦

  1. Your plants look far healthier than mine Eunice.This time of year,all shrivelled up in my garden from the intense heat here. I agree with everyone, gardening is good for the body soul and the mind thus leaving me contented that I have tended to lifeform that brings memories sometimes of loved ones.

    1. This is so true. I am sorry the weather did not keep your yard lush I did cut the lawn one time on the wrong day and then no rain and all this sun had it crispy but it came back I made a deal with myself now mowing unless enough rain was to fall the next day. lol My back liked that idea too!

      My Grandmothers worked hard but always found the need to putt around their gardens I am so glad I have their memories I think of them a lot and how loved we were too.

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