Black and White


Black and White
Different take



Black and White Study
different spin




Visitor done in Black and White


Battered and Bruised but still beautiful visitors even with color removed.



19 thoughts on “Black and White

    1. Thanks Cathy it is different and I know lots who do this for a living I love color so much I my try with people and ocean sots to see how they look 🙂 They released water last night and it came up but stayed within its banks they lost some fish downstream too lol seems like if they do this a little let it go down let a little more out more common sense 🙂

    1. Thanks I know they are so lovely but I saw a place on Picasa that would allow me to see what it would look like years ago in manual camera I would buy Black and White film boy that was so long ago. I could hardly wait and see what the patterns on their wings would look like

      Thanks for your comment it means a lot 🙂

  1. LR is much much lower price than PS. Keep an eyes when it on sale from Best Buy on Sunday, it might be had for a bout $100. It is a great tool. If you do not need any advance blending, color substitution, tone mapping etc. It is not only for adjustment in photo, it also let you add tags, catalog, even have GPS location in the latest version.

    1. Thank you so much. I will also Check out BJ’s Computer section and see if they may have it. Thanks again I just know how to hols a camera and push button good thing it is called an Easy Share 🙂

    1. Hi you do? I found it was on Picasa and thought I would give it a shot like the OLD DAYS lol Thanks for letting me know I really appricated it world around me is filled with so much color I saw things in B&W I missed when it was in color lots of other tints etc I just like reg. stuff I guess lol

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