The Woods Around The Lake

Pawtuckaway Lake


Just  six  more weekends before they close the State Park,  for camping.

They will again draw down this lake so the State Park and others with property along its shores can

fix their places up before winter rolls in,  like only New England winters can.

I think I spoke of this draw down,  you know where it goes right?

Sadly it will end up on my lower lawn, yes the beautiful spot that saw so much water, for so many years.

I have made calls with  all the rain we got overnight to beg them to use some common sense, I pray they will.

They empty a whole cove, one whole end into my little stream.  This I see as crazy.  One year I had to laugh.

I was taking photos in these woods and came out at the boat launch and there  were men, with boats on trailers,

scratching their heads as to where all the water was.  I told them it was sitting in my yard.  They too thought the

practice of doing this year after year was insane.  That early spring  the only thing you could do was Kyack or Canoe.

Motor boats could not navigate those rocky areas.  They left angry , as angry as I was when I went home and saw my land being eroded

to save the STATE Property!


I no longer  will stay silent.

Should they do it again I will call in the Newspapers and TV Station here.

There is no reason for taxpayers to pay for land that the state keeps taking more and more of.


Pawtuckaway Lake
Water still here as snow arrives







15 thoughts on “The Woods Around The Lake

    1. Looks like they will do it first thing tomorrow I will attempt to video then and what happens to my yard 🙂 They said they will do it for 6 days I will let you know thanks for thinking about us 🙂

    2. They will do it but they know I have everyone watching the results of their test 🙂 I refuse to accept any more damage 🙂

      I will take photos if it goes amiss 🙂

    1. Yes like I told him if I drove a rig like that I would be in jail 😦 hopefully he understands I will legally stop them 🙂

      Thanks for thinking about me 🙂

    1. Thanks so far so good but I think they will release tomorrow a little to see how long it takes to come by my place and how long to go back down and how much bad stuff it brings with it 😦

    1. I guess being not the only one along a river in the state I should place an ad on Craig’s List and we should go to State House as a UNITED FRONT one complaining woman only protects her own place lol

    1. You know I WILL lol I am getting stronger each day and no longer will sit in pain in the house and let the world at large DUMP ON ME lol

      Damn Lake lol


    1. Thanks right now Beavers are in their pond and behaving now hoping State will release water at a rate that will not kill all the little fish I can only pray they make it
      Thanks for thinking of me xo

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