Tropical Storm Remnants Coming

Atlantic Ocean
Rolling in

Not sure how many in the Northeast saw the sun rise today, as the remnants of Issac are about to leave us with

rain measured in inches.  Word is that somewhere between 2 to 5 inches could fall here.  Last year Irene,  another I

named storm.   We will only know when it is over if any roads succumbed to the weather.

My river was low so hopefully she stays with in her banks and I lose no more land to flooding , though they plan

on releasing water from a local lake as well,  to “Watch the Flow”.  I hope they use some common sense which seems to

be lacking in these parts of late.

I wish I could give all of you who have been in such horriffic droughts, my share of water.

The photo is mine, taken along the shore of Hampton Beach here in Hampton NH.

18 thoughts on “Tropical Storm Remnants Coming

    1. Boy did the rain come down over here toward our tiny coastline of NH as well 😦 So glad I mowed the whole yard on Monday 🙂
      The one bright spot will be that it came before all the leaves turned their beautiful color for fall.
      Always a silver lining no drought yet and trees are not stressed as their deeps roots must be loving this rain I went out with the dog and me barefoot could feel how really wet the ground was under the grass nice when it doesn’t CRUNCH 🙂 feel bad for the spots in the country who have only heard that noise. 😦

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