Along a Moss Covered Stream

MA Stream
Moss Covered Stream





hole in the hill



damp place
Mushrooms the likes I have never seen








HUGE dirty looking Mushroom


















21 thoughts on “Along a Moss Covered Stream

    1. Thanks Rita EARTHY it was guess I stay in the SUN too much lol I better make an appointment with skin doctor lol
      I have never seen MUSHROOMS LIKE THAT had woods behind where I grew up but then sadly to many years in a rig to go to places like we fell upon yesterday.
      The whole are was so strange there was even a wildlife management area named after Satan

    1. That it was! Beautifully Woodsy Back to Nature this was really a whole new world to me.
      Walk was good with pup and he found GOLD so we all had a nice day and I even got photos to share 🙂 I took 80 in this place alone 🙂

    1. Well I grew up on one too but not like this! lol we had High Bush Blueberries wild along ours so you know we had more SUN strangest thing about this place was the Schist type rock formations and that mine wild the whole time there I thought of Bears, Snakes and Spiders which make for good photos but I like Sunrises, Ocean Waves and Sunsets lol I guess all the years in the truck I lost the girl scout that was so into exploring I will camp in the end of Sept in a tent but not long this area lol in a beautiful sunny area of a river 2 hrs from this spot.

      I will be taking my pup and camera hunting for fall colors and something tells me I will be in areas like this a lot more and those trees will look outrageous decked out for fall 🙂

      Glad it flooded you with wonderful memories


    1. I do not leave home with out a few things and SHE IS ONE OF THEM lol I hate when she POUTS lol

      We wear our Sunday Best when we hit the stream but I could think of no other way to show how big they were 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Cindy I do appreciate it but I think I am no longer going to them but I am going to say you nominated me and for other to check out you and your favorites! That was sweet of you. Go to one of my announcements of late that I did on awards should be under that heading and see the 40 I put on and check 7 out We do have to share the LOVE AROUND and I love that you thought of me xo

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