Beetles Everywhere


They are

As each flower blooms

They show up

Do I learn to hang traps

or lay poison down to kill them as grubs

I grow everything here with no chemicals

Isn’t there anything  in my yard that keeps them in check.

Years ago I protected the willow they loved but now each Rose that opens there is one or two on each



7 thoughts on “Beetles Everywhere

    1. My Ruggosa(sp) look torn up from 3 in each blossom and the bees can’t seem to get past them either one or two here and there would be ok but there are hundreds 😦

  1. Eunice, I never hang the traps. Walter Reeves a Georgia gardener who is quite famour around these parts says that when people hang the traps, the only thing they do is attract the beetles. So, I just dug up all my roses cause I couldn’t get rid of them. Good luck with the little nuisances. If you’re interested check out

    1. Thanks! I will check it out! I know I saw lots of grubs and foolishly I left them in the garden 😦 Mom told me I would be over run with them Hate poison though I love my flowers so much hate to loose them
      Sorry you had too I can pick them off and kill them in a jar but I hate slow deaths 😦

      Thanks again!

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