Coming Soon


The nights are getting cooler, finally.

Fall  is near,  I can smell it in the air.

Soon the trees will be decked out in their glorious colors.

I know it isn’t fair for me to go on and on about how pretty they will be.

Some of you will never get to see this beauty for yourselves, so I will be on

a mission to catch some pretty moments and to share them with you as well


Just old photos from a Fall past, to get you ready for the change of seasons.

For us who actually get to enjoy four, well me three ,I hate winter but unless I

run away you will surely see SNOW photos as well


Stay Tuned!

15 thoughts on “Coming Soon

    1. Today it is back to hot and muggy after yesterdays rain. Sept 1st they say in will reach the 90’s kind of odd for New England but maybe it is the new norm then again last OCT we got a good amount of snow and then really no more boy have we messed up our pretty little planet

      Stay warm

    1. Thanks so much till I started this blog in May not too many people ever saw my photos lol never good with sharing 🙂

    1. Thanks I am surrounded by all kinds of trees that will begin to change as the daylight gets shorter and shorter

    1. Isn’t it a beautiful color? I loved it so she stood alone in this shot, so many foliage shots I take have Red, Yellow and orange with green Pines in them but when I come across a true beauty as this tree was in it’s falls finery I had to take a quick photo up here at times with a camera in the fall it is like your are on over load and it happens each year without fail but we rush to the same mountains to capture it again and again lol

    1. Thanks can’t wait to go out with a PURPOSE lol the colors around these parts can be breathtaking I hope I can capture it on my SD card to share with you thanks for following and comment I really do appreciate it

    1. Why Thank you so much! 🙂
      Can’t wait to hit the lakes, streams and ponds as now I am on a mission to have some of my four seasons here in NH and make cards with 4 of each in them well until I go up against the wall and am unable to settle on 4 🙂

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