You are looking at what used to be my roadway.  There used to be a bridge that crossed this tiny stream and the area at the end of this road,  had a home on the left.  The bridge lifted up 15 feet,  as the water rose that high. Now I was beginning  to wonder why all this water was filling our yard. I asked a town worker to locate the reason for this continued flooding.  They came back and said they found a huge beaver dam,  on the lot of land where  a friends home had gone under water three times.  They never said they had a damn over there, which cost them their home.


Well with three feet of water in my home enough was enough.  I contacted the new land owners and they were adamant I too would lose my home and end up selling it to them for conservation type land  but not really.  They told me the government had given them money to buy homes and lands to help with flooding.  Flooding what flooding this was because the place was over run by nasty large rodents, called BEAVER.  I loaded the gun and waited till they came for some of my trees.  We took a total of 6 Beavers  and then I set about looking for people, neighbors who also abutted this huge dam to see if I could put on waders to pull half of it out to release the water from my yard as well as my home.  Most of his land was under water and he said he would help.  Two days later my beautiful lawn that was now trying to dry out was covered with nasty stuff as well as snakes.


Crazy that this was allowed to go on for as long as it did.  All it took was me and my boyfriend and a neighbor and his teenage son to stop the insanity.  This group then went on to place gates on each of these conservation type pieces of land.  Signs, Signs Everywhere a Sign  all over the trees , I thought they were into saving the land and trees, wildlife too!  This has always been  an upland game area.   Deer, Turkey and Ruffed Grouse. NOT BEAVER PONDS.  Why don’t I stop talking for now and let you see what one dam on my tiny stream did.


Above is where the bridge lifted  and was taken away



Right behind where my Lilacs are along side the house right below the bedroom window.



I am so happy I raised the yard to level it for a garden and pool.  This is where the water is just below us.



As we let water out of the dam area boy did it start to drop fast.  It was right up against this side of the house.

You have seen my yard,  in  the post Chores Done, so you know there was a lawn there



Where I am standing taking this photo , it was under 10 feet or more of water in first photo,   see how I take care of a rodent problem.

I worked 16 to 18 hours every day , not just five. I drove a rig for over 2 million miles and was not going to lose my

home to beavers or a group backed by our government,  to buy up homes from people who loved living here along

a pretty little river and stream.  The turkeys love it here as do we.  Something you love is worth fighting for.


In this shot she is almost back within her banks, soon the Heron will return to fish.









21 thoughts on “BAD BEAVERS

  1. Eunice, (I took it that was your name as I explored your blog and website) thank you stopping, liking, and following my blog. I loved your comment in the about section about ‘just learning about blogging after 120 or so posts.’ I feel the same way as I approach 300. I think it will be an ongoing learning process and look forward to sharing it with you as I follow your blog.

    Take care,


    1. Thanks I still do not write blogs as others do but I love reading them and checking out photos from places I have been or always wanted to get to see.

      I have done 1 or 2 posts a day since Memorial day I think a great way to see if I have any photos other “like” lol Thanks for stopping by and saying hello and yes Eunice is my name Treasure is OUR GAME lol

  2. The beaver can be very destructive, they can also help prevent downstream flooding and keep runoff from carrying sediment away. If the water level is managed they will exhaust their food source and move on. I will admit to doing what you did and believe it is only common since

    1. I know they need a place to live and actully many acreas away from my place they have a HUGE beaver pond this was started probably by a young male kicked out to start his own place sadly I could not afford to lose my home and so many trees are just hanging ready to fall on the other side of the river they made a real mess 😦 I wish when I fired warning shots they said man is she mean and made a run for it but nightly they were up next to the house dropping trees on my new roof I had sadly had enough and let it go on too long as well Thanks for understanding I did not write the post to make friends and will probably loose some but Facts are Facts 🙂

  3. Wow!! Great job capturing the before and afters! I complete that such little creatures can change things up so much!! You live in an absolutely beautiful area!!! I grew up in the country surrounded by woods! I miss it!! Stuck in town now…but hope to get back to the country life someday!!! I’ll scout the area though and make sure there are no beavers around!!! haha!

    1. I forgot to tell you I had 3, 65 pound, mean beavers trapped and re-deposited elsewhere . That is heavier than my dog! These are by no means cute little fury critters they take down HUGE TREES 😦 little fury ones are here too Mink, Mice, Fisher Cats.

    2. Not many people do unless they have a dam or pretty trees they love for building or eating 🙂

      The trappers loved them because they were so big maybe they make more on the larger sized ones seems my yard that is the only size they come in I had good trees lol

  4. The beaver died out in Germany, but some clever naturalists decided to re-introduce it a few years back… results? Destruction and chaos on the waterways around the Danube. We constantly see young and freshly planted trees that have been felled by the beavers, and the costs of keeping tributaries clear of dams that are a nuisance must be high.
    Glad you got your problem sorted…

    1. With God’s little beasts being hunted less and less for survival there will be more encounters and sadly more destruction. The planet has so many people and even more animals all competing for a place to live. Sadly it is not doing well.
      Back when people wore Beaver coats we actually had trappers come in and take them out no longer is wildlife seen for survival that is what all the fast food places are for. and they are slowly killing us as nation over here in the US.
      I would not allow a Black Bear to come in and take over my kitchen either 🙂
      Thanks for knowing what they are like and what they can do. Roads washed out, trees destroyed while activists here jump up to protect them like I said they ave a HUGE pond they do not need my place as well 🙂
      Fish and Game our rangers said they have become such a problem only way to slow them down is to hunt and sadly no one wants to eat Beaver Stew these days.

    1. I know I solved mine but neighbors lost their dream home 3 times and I am sure more beavers have come downstream but grandparents probably warned them about the witch in the BLUE house lol oops now it is BROWN we shall see they know when weather is changing and flooding rains are due so I may have to deal with them on and of for the next 20 or 30 years or how ever long I have left. Dam was murder for 4 of us pulling from one side had the trust given town permission one or two scoops with the back hoe and I would have saved my furnace, and well 😦

  5. It’s a tough one, the beavers are only doing what comes naturally but when that comes into conflict with people’s homes and livelihoods it’s not just a “cute fuzzy” creature any more. (same with rabbit plagues on sheep stations in the South Island of New Zealand).

    I’d think that the most sensible solution is simply to have a local specialist dart them with a tranqualizer dart and then haul them off to a very big wildness area somewhere so that they can live in peace and build dams where people don’t get flooded by them.

    1. After 10 years loss of half the use of my land, tax bills not reflecting loss and government paying new groups to buy up land and then to add signs on trees and gates to keep residents out, I had been through enough loss with accident and this was when I got strong and fought for my rights 🙂 I have friends in Auckland(SP) not sure of your rights to protect your land there but I will go down fighting for mine 🙂 They sent trappers 1 st year for those 3 HUGE beavers then I lost a $5,000 heating system do to the water in home, then mold set in it was a mess and then they were dropping trees on my home adding insult to injury, so I loaded the gun as I had been told to do and solved the problem not in the way I would have liked but I still have my home so I can pay them over $4000+ every year in taxes to call it home.

      1. LOL I’m not too sure what I’d have to protect my land FROM in New Zealand! (there ARE NO bears, cyotes, snakes, wolves, bison, beavers, badgers, not even squirrels or foxes) but I DO get the point 🙂

        It’s more about made ot feel powerless to act even when there are both simple and more complex solutions at hand that no-one else wants to take.

        It’s also about alterier motives of others when handing out said options.

        Here in The Netherlands they just try and gum up life with rules, regulations and paperwork… some of them are good and necessary and should be followed, others are best silently but firmly ignored 🙂

  6. Aha you did get my point

    Governments from the beginning of time have always gummed up the works lol

    Then again not everyone knows what is the right thing to do. You are right though two simple bucks of gunk removed to free my home of water and i could have bought those critters more time


    We have been invited to come over to your country we may some day but we have a pamered Border Collie I do not want her filthy chasing Sheep lol

    1. My country? Which one of them LOL?

      One I was born in , am a citizen of and try and visit as regularly as possible (New Zealand) and the other was born a citizen of, and currently live in (The Netherlands).

      Hmmm Probably the real reason is that said pampered Border Collie doesn’t want to carry her own suitcase? (wink) 🙂

      1. 2 beautiful places to call home
        For sure, she only has room to carry her Frisbee 🙂

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