Old Tree…… Older car

We hit a local stream in upstate Vermont,  with Gold on our

mind and a place to cool off the pup,  on a hot summer day.


We made our way to the river with friends and it was so

peaceful there, under the trees.  Their two sons taught our

Border Collie how to swim.   I know she should have known but

she is a Herder not a Lab.  In large fields full of Sheep, they do not

get many chance to play in water.


So with the children having fun, I took off with my camera.

I came upon a very old truck that someone had decided was much too much

trouble to have it pulled out of the woods.  Wonder why it was there.

This is the first shot I took from the river.


The floorboards did not stop this tree from coming up through and growing into

a real beauty, even with this mess of twisted metal all around her.



They made cars and trucks back then to last but something tells me  this tree will be

left standing when this old truck has just about rusted away.


I got back to the waterfall area where everyone was swimming and having fun, and I was

greeted by my happy, wet dog.  She had a blast while I was exploring.



I love our times out in the woods and water together .


Can you tell what year and model this thing is,  rusting out in the woods of Vermont?






14 thoughts on “Old Tree…… Older car

      1. Thanks, will check out the posts, I can’t get enough of Border Collies. Have one myself, truth be told.

      2. She is our little Girl she should have her OWN BLOG lol

        Looking forward to seeing yours 🙂

    1. Thanks for commenting
      Many never take the time
      Love of finding treasure had me smiling but then to go back and see my baby was enjoying the water really like a dog should topped it all off
      Thanks again!

    1. I know right lol had to be there long enough for floor to give way for a sapling to grow right up in the middle of this truck. Roots are down below holding on for dear life through everything a VT season can through at it. Just a beautiful place I will watch over the years to come. I never even added the photo of falls or children’s play or dogs swim just so much happening never mind the GOLD 🙂 I probably took 80 photos lol

  1. Looking at it and not knowing what must have been, it would give new meaning to ‘wrapping yourself round a tree’ when you have an accident! I love quirky things like that, when the human and natural worlds meet. I also love your wise-looking dog.

    1. Thanks for commenting Damaris I checked to see what was there first lol tree or truck 🙂

      Wise dog oh yes a wise one indeed she came home with ME lol

      Thanks again!

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