Bedroom with a view

For as long as I have been in this place I call home, this Great Blue Heron has been overseeing the river, along our property.

Some days he is in the air, talking to others.  Most days though he sits here and waits for something good to swim by.

I watch from the bedroom as I wake each day.  When they built this bungalow  in the 1950’s and added an addition, just before I bought it

in 1988, they placed the windows in such a way that as you roll over and open your eyes,  you see out across the lawn, past the willow tree

straight to the river’s edge.   I can watch this beautiful  creature fish, deer browse and mink scoot along the edge.  All

the turkeys head down to the river, after eating what I have scattered for them outside the living room door as well.   Ground Hogs are here

too  and  occasionally I see a very large Raccoon,  working the river .

It seems man is not the only one who is drawn to the water.  I have seen baby ducks born here playing in this river,  the same as children have.

My property was under water for the best part of 10 years till my neighbors sold out to a land trust(I will leave that story for another day as I

must cross my T’s and dot my I’s) I found out a huge dam was over on some of their property and they refused to let me go in to save my home.

So I was able to outsmart them,  did you doubt that,  lol,  I went to the other property owner and asked if I could pull the damn to save my home and he said

“I will help you.”  So we spent two days releasing the water that had ruined my yard and 10 of his 17 areas were under water.  The beavers have moved

along and seem to be someone elses problem for now,  but we are always ready if need be,  to pull it apart again.  Now you know from my post

Chores Done,  why I was so happy to share how pretty she looks now.

Today I placed another gallon of paint on, over the Turquoise,  it is starting to look brand new and LOVED once again.  With all the flooding, so

much damage had been done and me disabled, it has been tough to even think about trying to save my home.  Water back within her banks for 2 years now

and yoga classes to bring me peace of mind, it was time.

I do love the Heron,  sitting  along the rivers edge,  he went through his own hell with all the  flooding, he could not walk the river for his food so he stayed on the

other side of the beaver dam but you can see he likes this place, me too.

13 thoughts on “Bedroom with a view

    1. Sorry the beavers here had to pay but a land trust will never own my land, well as long as I am still among the living

  1. At my last address I had a koi pond in my backyard. I looked outside one morning and saw a blue heron sitting at the edge of my pond. I was in awe because it was so big and beautiful also because I lived in town and my pond was very small. I later went outside after the heron had left and lo and behold the heron had ate every one of my koi fish!!! It was a happy and sad day all in one!!

    1. OMG they are NAUGHTY BIRDS lol My neighbor called one morning and said “Come get YOUR Heron!” He is eating MY FISH!” I started laughing she was not amused but when did he really become MINE lol she loved seeing him while he fished for NH trout but when her Koi looked so easy to have for breakfast can you blame him. Now her husband told her to drape a cover over area but each time I drive along our road I notice it is still open for dinner 🙂 Did you get some close up shots of at least the Heron. They are adaptable when hungry. While my area was under 15′ of water he had to find food somewhere.

      Sorry for your loss

      1. 🙂 I am glad you did sadly my friend hasn’t.
        She better never take her cat to Alaska the Bald Eagles need to eat too!
        I feed so much wildlife here are winters are horrible some years but when a hawk flies in for one of my red squirrels or little Junco I step outside to save them 🙂 I know I can’t always and I know I make it so tempting with all these feeders but they have to behave in MY YARD lol ya right like the BLack Bear wanting to take down the whole feeding station lol too lazy to go hunting!

    1. Where are we supposed to live, IN OUR RIGS, lol I did. I paid my dues but needed a place I could park two side by side and not wake neighbors at 3 AM

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