A new visitor





10 thoughts on “A new visitor

    1. I know I was sad when I saw a piece missing but it never slowed its movement down as it went from Butterfly Bush to Squash leaves no less. Nectar first then maybe eating bugs I couldn’t see or maybe leaf was perfect resting spot as this one was a good size.

      I also loved the shimmer wish I had the tripod out there but I was painting and on a 5 min. break and saw my visitor 🙂

  1. So pretty! Great shots !! I know I have a picture I shot last year of a butterfly with a broken wing. It was so windy out.

    1. They certainly are so delicate looking but man have they got flight down to a science. I used to hate when I would find them on my rigs radiator 😦 So much nicer to enjoy them now from my beautiful back yard 🙂

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