Daily visits to this pole


I have to stop zooming in they clearing aren’t as majestic this way.

Now I am creeped out!  He comes every day and sits upon the garden stake

maybe it is after what moisture maybe in the wood or worse , he is WATCHING ME

15 thoughts on “Daily visits to this pole

      1. I knew he was licking his lips lol

        Oh and my grandfather came from Prussia(sp)
        Searles was last name I am going to punch in his birth date and see what pops up 🙂 Royalty is told through the history but I want to see something in writing lol I will always be English/German girl 🙂 Blond, Blue Eyed 🙂 oh and a tough brat too 🙂

      2. Trust me I am NOT a Princess don’t let the FLUFF of photos fool you lol I worked in a mans field my whole life and loved every min. of it 🙂 They could tell you they thought I was a princess till I blew their doors off and beat them all back to the yard so I could get the last load of the day 🙂

        I was my Grandpa’s princess though so maybe I know he adored me 🙂 of course I was that cute little girl in pretty dresses everyday lol

        I am going to research more using his birth day he is Frederick H so maybe lol I said Mom maybe the quess would have to curtsy to US lol

  1. Don’t worry, it’s normal practice for them to have a few perches from which to hunt – a bit like a hawk in a tree, really.
    Which is great, because it means we can put our cameras on tripods, pre-focus on the stick, and use the remote release when it’s in the pose we want. While we sit back in our lawn chairs, getting some rays and supping on our favourite brew.

    1. you are right I should have at least had this tiny camera on it’s stand but I was also painting the house 🙂
      I never knew they sat and hunted well it is focused daily at my home maybe just watching dark brown going on over turquoise bums her out too lol

      1. Thankfully it covers nicely and then I brush after spraying I only can do a little a few times a week but it will be so worth it for the house to not just dry up or rot away 🙂

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