Sea Inspired Bath



Glass in every form draws me to it.  A long time ago I would walk the shore in tears and along the way I would stoop to pick up “treasure” from the sea.

Shells, Sea Glass and even empty crab shells. I also picked up old items from lobster trap lines.  Sand Dollars fill a jar and may locations throughout the

rest of this house.  It has been suggested I have TOO MANY items when it comes to COLLECTIONS.    I live here though and I see more room to add a jar of glass or a bowl of



I was in a bad wreck in 2000 where I was rear ended by a tour bus(casino) and got so depressed I decided one day to sit on the toilet seat cover with glue in one had and a jar

of sea glass.  I proceeded to glue the glass all over a window, beside the toilet,  for that stained glass look minus the lead solder. Here are a few photos of it as I was asked if I

had any for them to see and some other items that call my bathroom HOME.  I painted the walls a pale Pink and have barn board  accents in there as well.  RUSTIC you could




Privacy is taken care of.


Every ocean needs a Mermaid


My Sea Captain,  a friends mother made that he thought would love living with me.



Sea Gull and Shells

Earrings, Neckclasses  and Bracelets made to order by ME



Fish too,  as I am a March child as well



Tooth Brush holder from a  Natural  Sea Treasure


While yard saling in Portsmouth one day I saw this sitting on a table and it was for sale.

I turned it over and saw that their child had made it with their own  hands and there was no longer

a place in the family home, so it sits front and center in MINE, it fits perfectly with me.


Another found and saved piece of Ocean ART  maybe I am a HOARDER    NOT!!

I am a protector of the precious thrown to the wayside pieces.



Of course I have a Lighthouse and Plant as well


Now I did allow him to add a piece he picked, and where from and it was AZ Art


I love men and Cowboy Art so I did not fight this piece at all


Well I did not show all the art or shells but you get the idea that I love the sea.

I may add shelves , then some protected pieces of my photography,  maybe some waves

and a sunrise  on a different color wall, all I know is I love GLASS

and the sea, as you can also clearly see .




17 thoughts on “Sea Inspired Bath

  1. Oh my goodness!!! I absolutely love the window!!! I wish I had a few hundred pieces of sea glass laying around…I would sea glass everything!! I can relate to the project a little…I turned our attic space into a playroom for our kids and wallpapered the entire room in small pictures I cut out of magazines. It took me months to complete the project because most of the pieces were no bigger than a matchbook! I also love your toothbrush holder!! Absolutely awesome!!! Thank you so much for answering my curiosity and posting the pictures!!!

    1. You are very welcome! I took a pice of white plastic lattice large piece then cut it length wise and added it to the top rail of my living room pine wainscoating then in each diamond shape I cut one of my photos of people and animals I have loved and called it my Love Fence I am just strange like this! You can by man made sea glass at crafts shops aand add some around a mirror or photo frame and see if YOU like it!

  2. The window is so beautiful and so practical. It must make for a lovely light in the room. Looking for sea glass is such fun. I used to go to beaches a lot and hunt for semi-precious stones like carnelians, then come home with sea glass instead. Where we live at the moment, in the very middle of Italy, is a long way from the sea.

    1. Thanks for seeing it as practical too when people I had living with me at the time saw what I was doing they thought I had really gone off the deep end. lol I hurt so bad I could not walk far or stand up in one spot no health insurance didn’t help so this was one day I had no tears and felt close to the ocean which I had no way of going to for 2 years. What do they say What ever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger lol something like that. I am glad you liked it and stoop for treasure as well.

  3. Your window is really gorgeous! Great idea so no one can see in, and you have a lovely glow in the room! I love the sea too, but I’m a long long way from it here!

    1. Thanks, it was something I did to just get through one more day of pain. Tacky Glue and glass to the rescue. I want a new solid wall and no window but he doesn’t understand. I am ok with it being removed and if I want to keep it forever I can hang it as a piece of art 🙂 I am better now. so for now light comes through and makes tiny bathroom just a little prettier 🙂

      You can add sea items to a part of your landscape or home . I have a very eclectic style I have the moon, stars sea and desert and all points in between covered here. Pine cones from a trip through NC even( they are 6 to 12 inches tall) yes I guess I am an emotional
      hoarder 😦

  4. I’ve heard of sea glass before, but have never found any in all the years I lived near the sea in California. Yours is beautiful! ~ Ellan

    1. Wow you saved me miles of walking and searching lol some of our beaches get a lot and of shells while others get sand dollars galore at low tide in just one spot makes me the non swimmer thing the bottom of the sea and the currants have their favorite lanes to say in 🙂

      Ellan if you ever feel the need for a pretty pendant I can wrap at piece for you to put on leather or a silver chain you may already have. Have you looked at my jewelry posts I have here.

      Funny I collected it for years my brother too who lives in FL and for years it just collected in bowls then I found a pretty glass jar with lid and knew right away I wanted it in there so light could shine through I took the post photos once sun was in the west window setting so you could sea the sea glass glued on but the rest of the photos seems I rushed through them 😦

      Let me know if you want one 🙂

      1. you do that then I will give you my email to send you info to Brown, Green, Light Blue and White are the colors I mostly have 🙂

  5. I love what you’ve done there. I guess we sort of have that in common. I love ships on the ocean and lighthouses. My daughter jokingly says I must have been a sailor or lived on the New England coast in a former life. The joke is, I get motion sickness just watching the wind blow. Imagine life on the sea for me. I’d love it but my stomach wouldn’t 🙂 One piece of evidence of that love is on today’s post on my blog. A painting I did a long time ago. Nowhere near great but I enjoyed doing it.
    I am enjoying your blog and your pretty pics though.

    1. Thanks for reading my blog I know it is scattered here and there the Sea the Mountains and everywhere in between but it is ME and Photos are MINE 🙂

      Never showed my reply from before 😦 sorry hope you get this one 🙂

  6. I love your glass therapy window. I love collecting shells from the beach, unusual pebbles on travels and bird feathrs of all kinds. I still have a piece of ancient rock from the Painted Desert in Arizona and a little piece of weathered wood from there as well and they remind me of the beautiful places I have been.

    1. So YOU understand the NEED for THINGS as I do they are all full of memories for me as well

      We are on the same plain for sure

      One with NATURE


  7. What a cool bathroom! I love the “stained glass” window and all the seaside decor. I have one bathroom like that–not as cool as yours but I still enjoy it. The walls are a turqouise blue to remind me of the sea we sailed, and I have a table full of collected shells and coral and colorful painted fish, and other nautical odds and ends–it was so much fun to put together, as I imagine yours was.

    1. Thanks yes the window I glued sea glass to will go down in history lol but the rest of the pieces were collected for years along the countries beautiful shores aha the memories 🙂
      Yours sounds like you put thought into it 🙂 never the way I do things 🙂

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