My Mom Made the Prettiest Cakes

My Mom has decorated cakes since I was a baby.  In fact I never had a store bought one,  nor did my three brothers.  She only stopped making cakes when her hands crippled with arthritis and no longer could produce beautiful displays of her artwork., I think they were still beautiful but she was so hard on herself, really her cakes and frosting were so good and me being a kid, I hate to tell her it could have been messy and still yummy.

When she had orders for huge wedding cakes or say Big Bird for a Boston show, I always helped wash all the bowls, as each color on the cake had a separate one.  She made the best frosting.  I can not explain how good our cakes were at home.  When I was a Brownie she made a Brownie Cake and when I was a Rainbow Girl she made my doll cake in beautiful white gown just like the one she made me to attend weekly meetings in,  as well as a rainbow cape on her shoulders.

Mom was so talented in all she ever set her mind to teach herself.  I never wanted to follow in her footsteps.  I wanted to cut hair like my Dad’s Mom.  Guess I could never see myself as good as Mom was so I never pushed myself to try, ah now I know why I loved driving truck!

I will scan her cake photos someday and do a blog on her.  The photos that will be attached to this blog are ones I took her to see in Boston at the Boston Flower Show


Every year the Boston Flower show has a theme and then a display of talented people and what they make as related to flowers.  Hope you enjoy these photos once again I am using and Kodak Easy Share, in a crowded room.

































I can hardly wait to share what my Mom did with a pastry bag and a rose tip!

She bought a book back in the 50’s and ended up in shows as these artists did.

Hope you enjoyed the photos sorry it went so long






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  1. These cakes are awesome! I remember when I was a kid, my took a cake decorating course and she used make frosting roses for us to lick off the back of our hand. I don’t guess she was good enough to go professional, and with seven kids, she was too busy to do more than a birthday cake for each kid (and half a cake for me, as I was a twin). But I was so proud of my fancy birthday cakes! I am eager to see photos of your mom’s cakes, Eunice.

    1. My Mom taught adults in the evenings at adult education and for one of my badges she taught my troop 🙂

      I am on a mission to locate and scan onto a dic so I can share 🙂

      We had four kids and she did not do teaching till I was 12 or 13 as I had a little brother besides the two oldest to watch over till her or Dad got home. Thanks for checking them out I was glad Mom and I attended the show we have almost every year for 40 years lol I know her work was loved by many brides

    1. These are not my moms lol those will be soon If I can locate them quickly from her 🙂 Thanks I did take the photos in a building I am please they were light enough to see some detail

      1. Thanks and thanks for checking it out The Heading was all wrong but the story before photos I tried to clear it up lol

    1. I am sorry I am just seeing this now I am so you are so very sweet yourself and to pass it on to ME you will ruin that tough exterior I grew to protect who I have always been inside xo
      Big HUG too


  2. These are amazing works of art – wish I was creative like that! Can’t wait to see what your Mum’s cakes were like. 😀 Lovelypost Eunice! (Was that watering-can really edible?! The “water” coming out the spout is incredible!)

    1. Wasn’t their work amazing! ou are supposed to be able to eat them My Mom said she used to do her show ones on styroform so they would not mold in a week to me that was a waste of a lot of yummy frosting lol

      To me the water looked like beads but mom said royal icing dots

      My Mom used to make us each a sugar egg each Easter two halves of an egg with cellophane to peak inside at a whole little world she had placed in side of each and each of ours being completely different she did so many cool things for us I guess I was hell bent on my own life so badly I wanted out of that one to start it and did not appreciate her fully till I made some mistakes that took a whole life to finally start to heal from I am glad I still have My Mom to say thank you too and of course I love you me and Dad always got along but her and I there were some days I swear I would never get through I guess that is what growing us is for 🙂

      1. That is so true She called me for a moment and as she hung up I remembered I forgot to ask where her Dad my grandfather was born in Germany I will before weigh watchers in the morning

  3. What a wonderful post,your mom must have spent hours decorating her cakes I can’t wait to see pics of them. I bet you have inherited her gift if you put your mind to it. Mind you its an art in itself and well worth winning prizes for. Look forward to your next post. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks so much. I had photos of cakes others did and my Mom being who she was it made for an easy post. Thanks for reading it 🙂

      My brother was great at that kind of work I just saw her as perfect and never bothered to try to copy her for sure failure. 😦 I did clean up after her so I got to see her happy when she was lost in the moments with a pastry bag full of frosting 🙂
      She is now almost 77 resting her hands but she is not as crippled as she was when she was in her 30’s her medications have allowed her a better life.

      She can not take a good photo just doesn’t see like I do but when it comes to making roses and other flowers as well as pretty border she was tops in my book!

      Thanks again for taking the time to read and comment when I can get her photos on my computer it will be Part 2


  4. Beautiful pictures! I can’t wait to see your mom’s cakes! I make all of my kid’s birthday cakes too. I’m not very good but enjoy doing it for them. Also, I’m dying to know what a Rainbow Girl is??? Was it part of Girl Scouts? I was Brownie through the Girl Scouts but never heard of Rainbow Girl! It sounds like someone with super powers!!!

    1. Let’s see I know Mom put many photos onto slides back then and I think youger bother has them but I may have a VHS of them I will try to have put on a disc so I can use in computer 🙂

      Your kids will be better for having a Mom that tries to make them special on their birthday and a home made cake has always said special for me 🙂

      Now no I was a scout all the way till I graduated, wish I had stayed on and had my own troop actually. 😦 I loved scouts that much but life got in my way.

      Rainbow Girls, Masons, Eastern Star are faith based. Rainbow was really based on Faith, Hope and Charity so yes I have super powers 🙂
      google Rainbow Girls for more information. My Grandfather, Dad and Uncle were all Masons(secret society for the longest time) We wore long beautiful White gowns some had store bought but my Mom made me the prettiest ones! We wore white dress shoes and we each wore the more beautiful Rainbow Cape the colors were stunning against our White gowns . We had meetings in our towns on Sat. nights like 7 PM to 9PM As I got old and life for a 17 year old got busy I walked away. Those were some of the best years young and full of life.

    1. Yes she did make like her grandchildren a graduation cake and birthday cake with in the last 10 years but she was never pleased with them as her pain like mine jaded what she saw.
      She will be 77 from the life she started out as a child with to where she is now has been a wonderful journey well except for what the four of us put her through at times when we fought to be unique and HEARD

  5. They are indeed beautiful. My oldest daughter is a very creative decorator-cakes, flowers, etc. I am not so talented, but have done a few neat ones for the kids.

  6. I can never get enough of mother/daughter or father/daughter stories. Your mom sounds like a beautiful person and those cakes are good enough to have its own tv shows…lol. thanks for sharing this story.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to check them out and read the ones I added words too

      1. Thanks Val! They are only my photos so I never put them onto our favorite pinning site. Hope I can get Mom’s photos to look good enough to be seen but sadly she had many other talents! lol

    1. Yes we loved the entries I spent many year with Mom who made them so we do appreciate the pretty ones lol

      1. Thanks for checking them out and commenting I take screwy non traditional type photos in person they were really amazing Thanks so much

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