Spider and Skeeter

Well this blog will begin with I HAD NO IDEA what was lurking in the kitchen window.

We go between open windows then closed, with AC on.

All summer it has been beautiful here in New England, well except the many downpours.

I went into start washing the dishes I had soaking while I had my morning coffee and I see this movement out of the

corner of my eye.  It was a huge  skeeter hanging and dangling is a spider’s web.  So what did the spider look like that was going to

eat this catch or could we be bit too?  I have had one bite already and I am all set,  it was horrible pain and bad swelling for 10 days.

So I run for the camera he runs for the bug zapper!

Here is what was unfolding in front of me at the kitchen sink.  I will seal around all windows as soon as the rain stops .



Ge’ez where do they hunt at night while we sleep?


16 thoughts on “Spider and Skeeter

  1. Spiders totally freak me out and we’ve seen so many of them this year. I screamed so loud the other day, I scared my son, who then returned with a cool and calm response when he found one in his bedroom.

    1. So you fully understand! I saw one tonight in bathroom tomorrow that one will have to go I know the catch other bugs but one bite and I am all set never want another

  2. I got a reprieve this summer with the drought. We usually get a lot of rain here and the rain brings out the spiders. I haven’t been bitten so far so I must not be on their menu. I’m the Chef’s Special when it comes to mosquitoes though.

    1. Seems all bugs and bees adore my blood and I do not even eat sweets 😦 must be my coffee 🙂 Make sure your spray yourself in US we have lots of people dying from Mosquitoes

      1. Yes, we’ve had a death here in Indiana from West Nile. I was outside today mowing what’s left of my lawn. I was a bit leary but no mosquitoes landed on me, thank God. The health agencies are probably spraying a lot. You’re right though. I’ll cover up more next time. ;- )
        I don’t trust the sprays. Sometimes I crush a garlic clove against my exposed skin; it helps.

      2. I put on long sleeve and use non toxic spray and skin so soft I have a dog I worry about cat to for that matter they do not spray in NH yet we are loaded with infected bugs but they have not had to bury enough to do anything yet. Look at Dallas 😦 I have friends who live in a town near KY starts with a V like vergenes or something I never write but once a year to send Christmas card He said lots of crops gone and then rain when it comes heavy

      3. I used to live in Lexington, KY. I’m familiar with Versailles and Vanderburg but I’m not familiar with Vergenes. What is the problem with NH? Is there not enough money in the budget for spraying? Are they hoping the winter weather will kill the bugs? I thought NH was a good place to live. What happened?

      4. budget strapped people can not afford more taxes on property I have under 3 acres and pay $4500 a yr 😦

        maybe it is Versalles then near KY and OH maybe?

        We had a mild winter which doesn’t help with population So many farmers complain too as we all grow organically up here or try to 🙂

      5. I pay about the same as you but I only have half an acre. Don’t know – there are a lot of “V’s” in KY! Could be Tennessee too? I have a friend in Virginia and I never can remember if she lives in W VA or VA. I think I’ve got it straight now though : – )

      6. No his wood business and farm are in Indiana that I know for sure 🙂
        Fern DR area of Versailles IN 47042 🙂 never been but met this couple while in AZ the 1st time prospecting 🙂

  3. Here in Maine we have finally had some relief from the mosquitoes and deer flies. They were vicious for a while, not amount of bug spray seemed to work. Felt bad for my pup Gracie. They were always after her.

    1. Yes we stay in when the biting bugs are out but if we mess up we use non toxic on border collie and me boyfriend uses lots of deet as they love his blood. Makes it hard when they now can make you so sick you can die

      1. Yes I agree….I use the all natural stuff for my pup and myself. Someone suggested rubbing garlic on my body…not sure about that.LOL

      2. 🙂 me neither though there is garlic in her food and she adores garlic bread well LOVES butter won’t eat a apple or carrot or green beans but loves peanut butter sandwiches BBQ’d food and fried clams 🙂 such a spoiled dog she is 🙂

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