Stanton Arizona


JT and I would start each day with a walk out here,  in Stanton  Arizona.

After sleeping in a tent all night and everyone off on 4 wheelers metal detecting, we were

able to go exploring with a camera,  for our own treasure.


It is so peaceful out here in the desert.  My favorite time to arrive is between Thanksgiving and

Christmas and stay until the days are so warm you know the rattlers will be out on a steady basis.


The way  I saw it, there must have been more than a few in these parts

or there would be no need for a sign like this.



The scenery was stunning and I could so easily become a snow bird in this area of our country.



This was our home away from  home

Away from high NH heating bills and where temps in December go into the 60’s and 70’s

though the winds at times out here were  blowing 60+ mph.  We were glad to have our van

to retreat into when they  blew through.


Each night as we sat in front of the fire,  that we had just cooked our supper on , this would appear before

us.  Life is good.




So if you ever get a chance to head down to the southwest area of our country grab a tent

and the rest of you gear and pick a spot out on BLM land and make it your home for a few weeks.

Try your hand at prospecting for Gold, take photos of the new things you will see then

share your trip with me.  I know you will love it if you have a sense of adventure and do not require a

Wal-Mart close by,  as in our case it was 45 min or more once we turned on to the roadway outside

of  area we were camping.  I went out once a week to shop and do laundry.  Life can be so simple.

Take some time to get away from the rat race and enjoy your life it is the only one you have.


32 thoughts on “Stanton Arizona

    1. Thanks! 20’s with light snow on our tent some evenings then 70 in afternoon Here in NH teens then highs of 20’s and 30’s no wonder we run away 🙂

      1. LOL – a few years back when I went to D.C. during Spring Break, I met students from NYU that came to D.C. for the warmer weather, which was like 50-60 wth high winds. I told them I was there to escape the 80 degree March weather in AZ. They were running from snow, I was running from sun.

      2. That is so funny and so true! We have our own internal gauge of what is comfortable. I would prefer 75 and sun and just enough rain to keep things living 🙂

    1. We went to spend some time together as he was told he had cancer when we got back they said he didn’t truly a beautiful trip I will do more of these 2 trips out there and share more sunsets I was so used to morning sunrises over the Atlantic I was like a tourist each night running for my little Kodak to capture another sunset lol

      Thanks for the follow as well!

    1. The photo of van and tent was taken as soon as we set it all up but but the time 6 weeks was over I had it looking like home love flowers and hummingbirds no mater where the road takes me. Camping here was FREE so glad we got to do it 2 years in a row before the government takes all our freedoms away 😦

    2. He was told he had pancreatic cancer so we made the trip as our last time we would be able to do anything together well we got back and doctor told me what ever it was I had done for him in last 2 months bottle it and sell it 🙂 We were so blessed we did it the following year as thanks to God for answering all my prayers. Neither of us can work any longer but we are alive and trying to make the best out of what we have. So free tenting and $800 for gas was a good deal 🙂 and we saved that not heating the house in NH. Now when we came back to reality he did have a lot to plow but somehow it was not as bad as sitting and watching it fall day after day lol

    1. You know it! I was so happy out there last 4 days was real sad on first trip as we were going back to see his doctors but in the end all was good and we did it the following year as well 🙂

  1. So true! I have visited Sedona, AZ once and feel in love. It was so mystical and I felt an unexplainable internal peace. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Cher you know what I mean. I had trucked through the regular routes trucks use but the road we camped on you could not be over 35′ long I was over double that on a good day 🙂

      We were on a mission and he was saved by God’s good graces guess he got tired of my tears 😦

      So beautiful all over our country I never feel the need to travel abroad 🙂

  2. I was out that way 2 months back. Camping, prospecting and gathering info and ideas for my old west short story blog here. I’d move permanently but I’d do it up by Payson or Strawberry…beautiful year round!

    1. I know it is but too hot and man those dust storms would leave my lungs JUNK! lol

      Are you with LDMA?

      We are GPAA members for like 9 years now maybe 10
      I love NH or we would live on the road as I did as a trucker.

      Maybe I can ask Tom for work as his driver lol


      1. I am a GPAA member also 🙂
        Up by the Mogollon rim it stays pretty nice year round. Snows some at times come winter but what the heck. Not as much gold there but some is still to be had. Weather is the best thing though. The tree’s are the best,tall Ponderosa pines with hadrwood forest. Plus, it’s got a lot of old west to it still. Not uncommon to see someone riding horseback down the road going to town.

      2. lol I remember I was in OK I think on an interstate and a bunch of Real Cowboy’s waving their hats had us all stop while they moved their cattle from one pasture to the next wild for a NH girl 🙂 They loved me in that big ole rig too Good times out west for sure and memories to last me a lifetime. I am glad you found a place to call home We metal detect, dry wash and dredge and of course pan for GOLD so we may see you out there some day!

      3. I still got bags of dirt I need to pan out. Last btime I was there I found a dry wash with lots of black sand. The metal detector I was using was useless, too much iron. But I found some white quartz with nice iron running through it and the black sand too boot. I gathered up about 3-4 gallons from the top then dug down 2″ and got another few gallons. I spied where the wash came from, up ahead was a nice set of deeply dug channels running up the mountain side. I used a magnet I have to remove most of the black sand first then carry the rest back here to pan out. I can spot some flour gold in it and a few small flakes. so I’m sure there’s enough to pay for the trip. I did the same up Wickenburg way near the Vulture mine in a dry wash right along the roadside and when I got back and panned it all out (Ten 2 gallon buckets) I had almost 3 oz. ounces. I hope to run into you some day. Most of my time I spend haunting old ghost towns, drink cold beer at cowboy bars and visit ranches I made friends at. I prospect to pay for the trips but have never hit on anything big. I seen a few abandoned mines that looked promising but they ain’t for me. Many of my old west short stories take place in areas I poked around at. 🙂 JW

      4. Nice haul! Good for you. We go to GA,NC and VA ME and VT and of course NH prospecting we have friends in Snowflake AZ and Tuscon and friends in CO and OR as well as Alaska we never know where we me head but next time headed to AZ we will give you a heads up and meet you at the bar for a long tall cold one we will be parched after such a long ride 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing your adventure and beautiful photo’s. My sister lives in AZ and the first time I went out there I fell in love with it. Also thanks for the like and the follow we appreciate it. We’ll be checking in to see what you’re up to next as well. Nancy

    1. Thanks to you as well HUGS

      AZ is incrediable when the weather is PERFECT scary when it isn’t lol

      We had a light dusting of snow on our tent one morning only to hear roofs were caving in under heavy snow in northern AZ

      I love the south, Northwest, and the northeast just the roads in between I love not so much the places they run through 🙂

  4. Now I have a better idea how beautiful and amazing Arizona is! The pictures really moved me. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

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