This is what we start our seeds in late winter for.

Ripe and juicy  Tomatoes,  fresh from our backyard gardens or containers.

I plant Basil beside my Tomato plants, do you?

I think Tomato worms look beautiful but they are so destructive to the fruits I work so hard to see to harvest.

We are enjoying them in BLT’s  also with scrambled eggs. I know I should put some up for winter but I can not seem to get enough

right now!

9 thoughts on “RIPE

    1. I never buy tomatoes, they just are not the same as I use all organic methods here. I plant flowers for the bees to come and pollinate the garden we eat from 🙂

    1. I am on WW down 60 lbs maybe a little more and fruits and veggies are FREE food so I made a grilled cheese and tomato with bacon for 6 pts and boy it was soooo good I never buy tomatoes I used to haul them in the rig and most were gassed to make them RED 😦

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