Trying to capture his work with my little camera

My Fixation with GLASS

4 thoughts on “Trying to capture his work with my little camera

  1. Hi Eunice! Thanks for following my blog. My hat’s off to you and your zest for life. I am pretty amazed at Chihuli’s glass too. In Seattle there’s a huge white chandelier hanging at Benaroya Hall where the Seattle Symphony plays. I can’t even fathom assembling such a structure, but I have no doubt that one day you’ll advance from your ‘tiny little flame” and find yourself forging fires of great glass visions. Keep on lighting our world.

    1. You are too kind lol
      I would even drive the rig and watch them install them and be happy 🙂
      Sound beautiful I have so many photos from the trip I took my Mom on last summer when his art was showing at local place in Boston for art in all forms
      I know he has lots of help to do these so I will stick to a bead and fuse glass into pretty things and keep dreaming 🙂

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