Butterflies Wanted

13 thoughts on “Butterflies Wanted

    1. I took a lot without my tri pod so I will attach it to the camera and get some shots of Butterflies all over them I had no way to pick which one to place here tonight thanks for liking this one I take so many photos hard for me to pick at times 🙂

    1. Thanks so much. Very special Butterfly Bush. A little girl Lucy from northern Massachusetts USA died long before she should of a a local garden shop cultivated this one named for her. They uses them for fundraising. We came across a farm with children and lines of hand made butterflies by them so we stopped enjoyed ourselves and gave to the cause by purchasing one for our yard. I now have a total of 3 here of various sizes. There is a whole site dedicated to this special little girl with a vison

      The link is below for her story

      1. I dabble in HEAVY stuff here but mostly just my phtography so I try not to muddle it with too many stories but hers was written long before I was given one in her memory, for our yard. Full bloom now with rain coming for two or three days, so I have camera at the ready should some beautiful visitors come for some nector

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