Out in front


She appears to be so brave , as we go on a walk she takes the lead.

Let some thunder roll or gun shots sound,  she becomes very unsure.

She is brave this little one we love.  Tough as nails for what she has gone through.

Maybe she just needs reassurance all will be OK , as noises she hates begins.

Tonight’s storms here were not violent, like some that passed to our south.

Tonight we played and played

Tomorrow till storms roll through, we will walk and play some more.


Enjoy your Sunday or Maybe is it Monday



8 thoughts on “Out in front

  1. When I was a child, my family had a little black & white border collie. Her name was Mickie and we loved her so much. I remember one instance where my baby sister was toddling towards the road and Mickie actually pulled her by the seat of her diaper back to safety. Since that day I’ve always wanted what I call a “frisbie dog”. Amazingly smart they are. Love the pictsures of yours, brings back great memories of playing with ours.

    1. I am glad it brought back such wonderful memories she is a wonderful dog and an amazing Frisbee Dog We hope we have her for many more yrs she is now 6 as sadly she will be our last pup. I have had Great Danes,and 9 Springers and one Huskey mix I saved from a cage where her owners placed her when she was no longer a cute puppy. JT is blessed to have the life she lives and somehow she knows and loves us so much. Smart is not the word for her brilliant and AMAZING are words used when others besides us sing her praises Thanks so much for the wonderful comment and follow

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