She Wore Her Wings Proudly



I was attending a local fair , an agricultural fair .

They had rides set up for children to climb upon.

Many farm animals were being shown  by their handlers

with hopes of receiving a Blue Ribbon.

The smells of Fried Dough, and  Cotton Candy and Carmel Apples

were down each and every row.

There were tall men well men on stilts.

I was drawn to just one.

This pretty one with her WINGS

She walked  beside this artistic  little  dwelling.

I loved the color and everything going on  with it but

when she turned and I saw her wings I knew I needed

to somehow catch up and snap two photos.

You probably had to be there to understand but this was so not

what you would normally see walking about at a fair,  where they sheared sheep and milked cows.

Do you like fairs?  What’s your favorite part?  Got a photo of it?  SHARE!    lol



It was being hauled by a Yellow Turtle.


5 thoughts on “She Wore Her Wings Proudly

  1. I like fairs in small doses. I love going to smaller street fairs/arts & crafts fairs especially during holiday season. Neat photo!

    1. Yes I agree with you!

      I was drawn to the color and she happily smiled as I was trying to take a clear shot in a crowded area I barely caught the photo of her wings 🙂 I love Art and Color and along side all the food vendors she did stand out in many ways Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment 🙂

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