He Loves Me He Loves me Not

The Ocean and Flowers just a Picture Perfect Day!

10 thoughts on “He Loves Me He Loves me Not

    1. Thanks so much. I am the secretary for our local garden club and am hoping we with the help of Lowes can do mass plantings like this in OUR TOWN I want her to look beautiful as strangers pass through her local people too, then show some pride and less trash maybe thrown about.

      1. Wow – sounds like a very worthwhile project. Would be interesting to post status updates here on your blog. Good luck!

      2. Thanks! I have the BEFORE PHOTOS so once the plantings are in and looking gorgeous I will be sure to show and tell! Thanks so much

    1. I was driving came around a corner and there they were Had to snap a quick photo it was too pretty not to

    1. Thanks I did it as I was speeding by always meant to go set up my tripod but I am so used to getting things on the FLY!

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