Checkered Flag part 2 as well


I spent hours getting my whole bead area clean and organized.

While I was doing that I thought about my post “Working in Neutrals”

What could be easier than Black and White.

I am just playing with the edges of a wide cuff type bracelet on this tray but have many

ideas running through my head.  I will take my time no reason to rush.  Wait till you see the

earrings!  I am also thinking of making some beautiful Kumihimo bracelets.

Who likes Black and White?  What are your favorite color combinations?  I am always looking for

INSPIRATION you should see my Pinertrest Boards !

Have a great weekend

Stay safe


I went with earrings today


14 thoughts on “Checkered Flag part 2 as well

  1. It has been a few years, but I spent a lot of time beading and loved it–mostly with the Girl Scouts, but I have had parties where friends being a favorite outfit, and bead something to go with it. My beading area is sorely in need of reorganization!

    1. I emptied my craft room for a week visit from friend who came in from GA So I made the mistake of throwing it all together and removing it from room well today she is all back in order and back in the room next visitors will stay in CAMPER! lol Show me photos of yours once you get it together. I want to start making medicine bags No one really wants to give you what you are worth in time alone sadly but I can gift them on very special occasions lol

    1. You can if I can bead lol Green and Yellow are something I have used as well as yellow and lue and green mix that piece was purchaced as soon as I finished it 🙂 Nice combo thank you

    1. I made Mother and Daughter earrings today puzzeled about doin bracelets as I wear them but so many don’t 😦 I will see if I can up date Checkered Flag to include latest from today
      Thanks for commenting and your interest 🙂

  2. eunice. love love love your beach jewelry. collected years of beach glass from Rockport. You do lovely work

    1. Thanks so much I do custom wraps on pieces others find as well. 🙂 so keep hunting for just the piece you want to hang around your neck! My bathroom is ALL SEA lol I guess I am a HOARDER of all things SEA

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