Grasses free of filth


Today the  shoreline may get a rest, from the hoards of visitors  she has had during the stretch of beautiful summer weather.

It is cool and brisk this morning.

I myself can’t wait till Labor Day , to have the beach all to myself once again.  Naughty I know but truthful.  The traffic and

mess left behind , from filthy people,  may cost the state more to pick up after than they say they make on TOURISTS,lol.

I love the tourists it’s the locals who leave the mess, awe but soon vacations will be over and for some back to school they shall go.

Enjoy your last month of summer and please remember to pick up after yourselves.

11 thoughts on “Grasses free of filth

    1. Thanks so much
      It was windy and seas churning but I loved the beat up grey fence with windswept grass as well as a touch of the ocean I was seeing a beautiful photo as I pulled up into a parking space so I jumped out and took an actual one I always pray I can see in the lens what I see with MY EYE lol again thanks so much

    1. Thanks! I think it says a lot about who I am inside when I take a photo of THIS and think it is so beautiful lol

      Thanks for checking it out and taking the time to comment!

      1. Have I said how much I LOVE COMMENTS on my PHOTOS as they are all memories for me so always special. I do need help choosing which ones to show so this comment and the two before you are a BIG HELP! Thanks again EVERYONE!

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