It’s a wrap!


I think after weigh-in today I shall sit outside and enjoy the rain over my head while I play with wire and Sea glass.

I am thinking  of some pretty earrings,  if I can find pieces from my collection that will work as a pair.

I will also work on caged beads for earrings too.

With rains last night and some still to fall today, I  must wait to add more paint, to this old home of mine.

Miss my beading.   I have been so busy with life.  Must get back into the groove  so I will have items to

offer for holiday shoppers.

I am going to do more of the beading I love, which is Kumihimo.  I will shoot for Neutrals for bracelets and

necklaces. I hardly ever do necklaces  and I am finding only some people actually like things on their

wrists..  Who knew, lol I love them on mine!

I will try to do a blog showing the steps of making something pretty from beginning to end.



Have agreat day!

27 thoughts on “It’s a wrap!

  1. Beautiful wire wrapping. I see we have a LOT in common. I’ve been doing jewelry work (hobby-gifts) for a while now. But mine tend to be very formal. I love what you’ve done to make the jewelry wearable any time. Hope the sun shines soon.

    1. Thanks I do funky stuff I know how to do it the formal way as well but I am so not formal lol remember a tractor trailer driver and owner for 27 years before I started to play again. Thanks for commenting on my things and I look forward to sharing what I am doing and watching what you are as well 🙂

    1. Awe thanks for saying so!
      I sell these things I do though these 3 are special for me so they are mine lol but I wrap anything that people have found for treasure lol well jewelry size that is I do have limits lol

    1. Thanks so much!

      I just made a pretty necklace in silver loops with Purple and Pink and Gray Fire Polished Agate hope the lady who ordered it for her sisters birthday likes it 🙂

      I love wrapping sea glass memories for people.

      My whole bathroom window is glued on Sea Glass
      So yes I am one of those hippie types lol

      1. Do you have a picture on your blog of your bathroom window??? I would love to see what you mean!! I’m always doing somewhat off the wall stuff in our house too!

      2. It will be sunny tomorrow so I will get a photo and show it and a few more pieces in a Beach Blog 🙂 Thanks!

      3. 🙂 It will be nice to do one on my treasure that can be found in my bathroom. Friends who come over are always in there for long periods of time when I ask if they are OK the laugh and say You have a Cool bathroom lol

  2. I love the sea glass caught in “nets”. I’m one of those people who doesn’t wear bracelets (they tend to snag on my knitting), but there’s plenty of room around my neck for such pretty things. Do you ever use polished pebbles or minerals?

    1. Thank you so much for your coment.

      I will wrap ANYTHING lol just love working with all kinds of textures and materials. One of these pieces is natural coral from a friends trip so I wrapped a piece for her in thanks to bringing home a bag full for me.

      I have a tumbler for stones but so far since I have only shown the people here and a few items in a couple of small stores and 2 yard sales, not many people see what I do. I must focus more but being a part of a Mater Beading program I have to learn so much so I will learn then do all custom work. I love one of a kind pieces. So if you ever find a treasure I would love to WRAP IT 🙂

    2. My wrapped pieces sell for $10 to $15 with out a chain then shipping of course I am making earrings that are also caged in 4 different colored wire choices

    1. sorry not Black I was shooting into the sun 🙂 it was Gold actually but yeas I just colored copper wire all the time on piece people do not want to pay more than $8 for 🙂

  3. You are a very talented on many levels. I am completely humbled by your blog. Thanks for following my blog. I am not sure I will be able to be to your high standard.

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