Wow all the boys came to the yard tonight to strut their stuff and scratch the ground for the cracked corn and bugs in the lawn.

So handsome and their beards are HUGE!  The youngsters had like 2″ long ones,  Check them out!










18 thoughts on “BEARDS

    1. Yes Males and females all winter then females have their young and bring them to our yard but lately all the boys come after the girls come through on their way to roost fforr the night I buy corn for them the deal is they have to keep tick population down lol and they get along with our cat check that story out One Cool Cat lol We love them we never have a mean one in all of the boods guess we are lucky 🙂

      1. Have you taken a look at Quackers and Cheese on my site? I do need to get some better bird photos. Yours are so good.

      2. I will check them out again!

        I shot them with my camera through a filthy french patio door 😦 I was 40 feet away so I used the zoom to get the beards closer in the photos I fear these boys will be much sought after come fall. I love Turkey myself but never from MY BACKYARD lol They are plentiful probably because of so many like us we enjoy them and leave them offerings for all the pleasure we receive watching them grow from little pullets 🙂 I know I should get a REAL LIFE lol

    1. I have just one of the prettiest spots here in NH I call home and I am blessed by most of what visits me lol coyotes stay back if you know whats good for you! lol

    1. ok thanks!

      Let me know when it goes viral with everyone that is being given pills I quit all mine cold turkey lol last summer I feel human again You have got to check out Agend 21 and how they use these drugs on us 😦 Hope the new ones work better for you send this clip to your doctor 🙂

      1. some really need help and others if sad too long or angry too long no sleep etc they get a NEW PILL if you need something just make sure you get the RIGHT ONE I have had 3 friends that left long before they should have due to wrong perscriptions I miss them so much

  1. Love your Backyard birds Eunice,also the Indians which is one of my interests. Congratulations by the way for winning your award. I have quite a way to catch up with your posts,they are so interesting. Keep blogging and take care.

    1. Thanks so much I have no idea if I ever really replied once to this so sorry if I did It is under not read 😦

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