Hummingbirds and Me


Hummingbirds  and me go back a long  way.

I love the little jewels who make this long

journey here each spring.


They arrive just about the time my Apple tree blooms.

It is one reason the tree is still here how would I know when to get their sugar-water

ready and hang out the feeders.  I always have the place ready for them to rest, fuel up

and build their nests and raise their young.


The photos here are taken with an  Kodak Easy Share , no tripod and some just in the wrong light

for such an inexpensive camera  but I wanted you to see some of them who call this

place their 2nd home.


Salvia is always here waiting for them too.


She is so tiny and beautiful as she sits and watches me


She will soon have her strength back from her long trip

and ready her nest and raise her little ones.



A young male sits on a Lilac branch.

I always keep feeders close enough to a bush,  for them to take cover in.


I wonder how I will capture them on a tripod

as they dart to and from flower to feeders

must learn to use flash to stop their action!


I use a variety of feeders  for their nectar.

Always near plantings or real flowers they love.

As you can see the sugar trumps the Petunia this time.




Always waits for its turn at one of the open spots in the feeder.

Right now the bees and this female are sharing nicely



Hoped you liked my Hummingbirds

27 years ago when I had to pick a CB Handle this

was it, Hummingbird is what the truckers knew me by

coast to coast.

I have just one tattoo and it is a life-size one, yes

Born to be Wild!


Have a nice day

Don’t forget to plant or place a feeder out for these little ones.



18 thoughts on “Hummingbirds and Me

    1. awe thanks I want better ones but for now you can see mine LIKE my yard lol

    2. No they will need help till Oct.

      I take 1 cup of sugar and four cups of water heat slowly to disolve sugar let cool then fill her up! 🙂

      Love all visitors well except the coyotes I had at Christmas and those if they behave and stay in the woods and stop hunting my cat and dog I will let them live 🙂

  1. Yes, I have a hummingbird feeder but the hummingbirds do not stay long enough for me to get a clear photograph of them… Oh well..

    1. I never could get them unless they rested lol practice and practice more you can erase these days from a SD card Mine are not perfect but I love my hummingbirds and this is what challenges me lol

  2. So adorable! I love the idea of a life-sized tattoo. Very wonderful, I also love the “Incoming!” picture. They are truly magical, good for you on getting such perfect shots!

    1. Thanks they come in spring head out in fall and are a delight to watch and try to capture 🙂

  3. Q – Not to rub it in, but we always have hummingbirds in the yard. I’ve planted most of my plants specifically for hummingbirds and butterflies. Love your pictures.

    1. lol I traveled my whole life in the states and the Hummingbirds always are my joy 🙂 I too plant for them but when they start to freeze each night it is time to say goodbye 😦

      1. Unfortunately, if I leave the front door open hummingbirds fly into the house. We have a high window that they fly for. Once one tires, my husband can pick it up and carry it outside. Luckily, it’s never too cold here for them. 😎

      2. 🙂 I have a door open and always worry about that I would want to keep one 🙂 they are tough little birds lol Yes they love your place more I am sure 🙂 we are just a rest area to have young out on the road 🙂

    1. Try try and Try is my motto I have the other problem they sit with me 🙂 I set up for action and then the sit and rest I think they like me lol

    1. Not as good as others seem to but these beauties come here yearly for me to care for and love and have their little ones remember I live a life simply to fill it with joy no cash but lots of JOY 🙂 So I can bead out on the patio and grab camera each time they come over to where I am so I set up feeders so they will have to get used to me getting up and down and the dog playing now the cat sprawls out with me but SHE KNOWS BETTER! lol

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