Waiting for the Sun part 2

Two shots as the Morning Glory opened up.



Above is one just after it opened


This one as it Fully Opened



10 thoughts on “Waiting for the Sun part 2

  1. Morning Glories are such delicate and yet, hardy plants. When I was a little girl, my neighbor had them growing along her fence. I loved them and often was told to stop picking them. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. You are right I do not remember planting it just was there in bud one day then it opened and it was a glorious gift it seems from the BIRDS lol
      I am happy to see you have fond memories of plants me as well at my Nana’s house in PA I must take after her lol

    1. I really must learn how to take my tripod with me for these shots. Time lasped would have been neat to do as well Thanks for your wonderful comment I am trying to capture so much these days it is all in the DETAIL lol

  2. Yes I LOVE close-ups but you could tell from other ones I bet. Ocean and Sunrise and sunsets and nature I try to capture all I can of a scene

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