Got Milk

These girls do!


VT Dairy Cows

Watch the world go by

till its Milking Time!


This one looks like she is camera-shy


Maybe they never saw a blonde before,lol they are very curious

or maybe territorial



Some called out others moved towards me and I grabbed these

before the farmer had to come see what the ruckus was all about.


Support your Local Dairy Farms these girls are counting on you.



11 thoughts on “Got Milk

      1. I am sure they are when milked but when nasty storms blow through I do not know seems they always hang out under the trees and sun while out in their pastures.

        Then again a tree in a huge field is not where you go for safety in a storm is it.

        We stayed in AZ desert a few years back and I swore I was going to take photos of how beef cows were treated. I could not bear to look at the cactus spines all over their faces to snap one photo and the following year they were not out and about where we were tenting but I was ready then 😦 maybe someone else said something or they all went to slaughter house I know I can not do anything for all the animals of the world but my heart breaks when I think what they are having to go through. That is just me though. 😦

  1. Thank you for saying that.

    Their faces were so full no way could the graze well that was the real problem no grass in desert just all kinds of Cactus.

    I wish I had not wimped out . I would never make it as a War photographer or Animal or human cruelty . You can see my my BLOGS there is a great deal of FLUFF lol I have seen more than my share of UGLY and I guess I have chose to walk the other way. I thank those who can though so we have an idea what is REALLY going on it the world

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