Border Collies and Horses

Our friends live on top of a Mountain/Hill and they raise reining horses and Border Collies and of course their children as well.

They had a horrible thunder and lightning storm hit their area of VT and lost every animal that was in their  huge barn.  Horses, border collie pups, female horses just getting ready to foal, it was sickening to see the loss and the pain the family went through, being helpless to help the animals when the lightning hit.

We had JT from litter before the one lost and took her up to see her old family and to give them hugs.

Here are the two  horses that were outside and the dogs that were in the house, plus our JT ,  she loves when we go there.



Our little female has no idea how big this horse is and how quick she can move

She was scaring me.


Her brother is even crazier he is always up against these two female horses heels


Sad to think of all the horses that used to run here, now just two females, sisters.


Tex is the father of all the pups that were born here.




She is watching them



JT’s brother Tex’s son




Tex respects these giants, he has been chased before.


These horses mess with the dogs and their toy balls  as they really are all young and playful.




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10 thoughts on “Border Collies and Horses

    1. Thank you so much
      It was one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever personally seen 😦
      Not sure if I would have had the strength to go on I guess we are built to be stronger than we think.

    1. Thank You

      As I drive up to the top of the mountain I know I will never forget them all alive and grazing I akways have to wipe away tears before I get out of truck to say Hi to family members. Imagine them 😦

    1. You know I shed so many tears over those 10 years before I fought back crippled in pain
      Each time they lost their home they arrive on my shore(I was not supposed to have a shore 😦 )
      by canoe in wee hours of the morning I would crank up the coal stove to warm them and make fresh coffee and give them a ride to other side for their son to pick them up.
      Had they only told me it was there and causing all of this I would have helped in any way
      guess what I never understood is if you can spend all that money to rebuild 3 times and not rent a machine to destroy a dman now I see it as crazy
      and they assure me they are fine with selling out to THEM and they now sit high and dry though they loved the river before the beavers came and filled it with filth.
      I think maybe with their well and septic being ruined they had no choice left to sell out. I may have shed too many tears. When the tough get going it is a site to see 🙂 Thanks for getting the gest of my little story

    2. oops sorry was talking about neighbors did not see you were commenting on our other friends loss of all their beautiful animals. I can not pull into their long drive without tears falling for those who lost their lives there that night. I have to collect myself before climbing out of the truck to say hi but when I am met by 3 dogs I can’t help but snap out of it for them our friends I can not imagine living there after this event I just do not see how I could 😦

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