I LOVE the sea but you have already figured that out, in this short time I have been doing my BLOG.

You also know I love cool and interesting but different things as well.

Quirky yes  maybe lol,  but I am NOT ALONE!1!

There is this   Artist who is out there!     Really OUT THERE!

Check this out!

Now come on isn’t this just the COOLEST thing you have ever seen!

It is made with Mussels,  man they ate a lot of them!

I love my camera and the life I have , well maybe not yesterday but 9 out of 10 days it is a TRIP  I am on, with cool things just there in my day,  waiting for me to capture  it the best I

can with my little Kodak Easy Share !

Now what can you do with shells you may have after dinner is done?

8 thoughts on “MUSSLE MAN (lol)

    1. Amazing work they did for sure
      I always find these things in my travel I turn a strange corner and they are just THERE 🙂
      I am blessed for sure to see this talented artist work and have a camera to document it I have gone to try to find it again and can’t 😦 then again maybe it is in a museum for more to enjoy or maybe they sold it

    1. I know right! I was blown away with his/her concept it spoke to me the collector of all things found along the coastline. 🙂

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