Saving Salisbury Beach?

I do not think this area can be saved either.

Here are some photos to show the tax money spent trying to do just that though.

I say buy all the homes,  knock them down and give us back a wild and  serene

beach  and stop fighting Mother Nature!

A costly machine sent in to pump sand from the  Merrimack River

back up onto Salisbury Beach to help with erosion.

Sand travels up hundreds of feet of these pipes

All the while the sea comes and takes it back out  at low tide

Hard to see what is going on but that mess is sand and water being thrown back up onto the beach

Where large heavy equipment pushes it around and try  to reclaim a beach

not really to sunbathe on but to protect the homes here as well from the tides

that come ever 12 hours  and either throw things up on the shoreline  or haul off the

sand at low tide.


This went on for weeks, hour after hour.

I will take a photo this week,   to show you what it looks like today, just 2 years later.



11 thoughts on “Saving Salisbury Beach?

  1. Wow! I am interested to see the picutres of how it looks today. I have a sneaky suspicion that it is not positive for the beach. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. OMG, I can’t believe this is happening. What a waste of money. I understand the drive for self-preservation, but this is for preservation of ‘things’ not self. People should start lifting their houses if they insist on staying there.

      1. THANKS! You could spend a week reading all my posts
        I am new so they just keep coming lol

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