Plum Island

My take on Mother Nature and her fury, in one of my favorite places  to walk and fish.

Just the other side of Newburyport MA is a place called Plum Island.


This is a place  you will see just before you go over the marsh and hit the island.



We have a nuclear plant in Seabrook ,NH and when all the protests

were  going on,   residents  knew that there would be  No Way Out!

Sign stands after all these years as a reminder.


Well it seems like the Nuclear Plant is safer for these residents,

than the sea they love  to live next too.


The ocean is taking more and more of the beach that used to be their buffer.

Homes have been undermined by the surf and ultimately pushed by machines onto the beach at low tide and then

picked up and placed in rigs and taken to the local landfill.


The politicians keep throwing money at this situation.

Permits to re-build these homes maybe issued.

This problem that will only become worse as the worlds oceans rise, as predicted they will.

They installed these a few years ago,  to save these homes but surly  you can see no mater how much sand and barriers are brought in

the Atlantic Ocean will take what it needs for space.


They warn people who love this place to Stay Away!


These were once completely covered with sand and the beach built back up,  by sand hauled to this area,  all at the taxpayers expense.



This is just for this one stretch of  ocean front property.

Who came up with the plan years ago to allow homes here?

So many places we can not go near now because of the dangers these

homes present and we can’t forget the  Nesting Plovers!


I will continue to come here month after month to document the loss of a beautiful stretch of beach.

I have so many fond memories I can not help but watch  and see what time has in store for this wild place.


I will miss  this place when she is gone.






3 thoughts on “Plum Island

  1. (NECN: Jackie Bruno, Newburyport, Mass.) – A state of emergency has been declared in Plum Island as erosion from heavy rains last month threaten to swallow up homes.

    There are about four homes that are right on the edge of the erosion. It’s so dire that two of them already had occupancy warrants issued last year.

    Local, state, and federal officials are all taking the issue very seriously — both Congressman John Tierney and State Senator Bruce Tarr were at the meeting and pledged their commitment.

    But with anything in goverment, it can takes weeks or even years to find solutions. Now, they are working on a long-term solution by repairing the north and south jetties. The water and sand are washing over them and letting the sand into the Merrimack River. Building those jetties up would help to keep the sand on the beach and help the homeowners. That solution could come to fruition in two to five years.

    In the meantime, these homeowners say they need a short term solution.

    “In the short term, we want to be able to protect our homes,” said Bob Connors. “If the government and the state government can’t defend our properties at this time, they need to step aside and allow us to defend our properties even with our own funds.”

    Homeowners want to be able to do some sand scraping so they can build up what the ocean has taken away. They need permits to do this. On Tuesday, a focused meeting with all the necessary officials will be held to try to create a quick solution by the end of next week.

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  2. I went on to Facebook before I closed down for the night and found this news report on this same subject I was blogging about.

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