In Port


Pretty boats  all in a row



Tucked here and there on their moorings .



Such a beautiful day to be worried about rain or do they want  privacy?



Laying wait for their owners to take then out,  on the open water.



Pirates? I want to be on this one!



Can’t wait to take her for a boat ride!



I love finding punches of  COLOR!



Sailors have always lived a Colorful life

which I have always seen as ROMANTIC.


I know it is hard work keeping their boats

clean,fueled up and running good.  The men who fish here

for a living in (MA,USA) are a strong bunch.

Looking for fish, getting what they are worth, fighting storms, loosing traps.

I love fish and appreciate all the hard work , as well as the sacrifices, for us to have a wonderful fish dinner.



Keep up the good work!

4 thoughts on “In Port

    1. Thanks for Lovin the sea as do I 🙂
      I love your pretty posts too


    1. Her name is JT and I think she needs her own BLOG lol
      We live in NH but I was born and raise in MA
      After trucking all lower 48 I still want this to be my home. I love running away to South and Southwest but this is where I belong.

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