“Weekly Photo Challenge: MOVEMENT”

Giving her New Dress a SPIN!



3 thoughts on ““Weekly Photo Challenge: MOVEMENT”

  1. This photo is so sweet…it really tugs at the grandmother heartstrings in me! Thank you for visiting my site and for the ‘follow’.

    1. I am her Great Auntie and my Mom her G. Grandmother and I and Mia went to find some dresses for a sweet little girl and I asked her to twirl around from grandma and so I could see if I could catch her spin great fun with this doll of a child tough as nails and sweet as can be just the perfect combination lol Thanks for liking and commenting on my entry xo

    2. I got her this one and a black and white dress and accessories of course. She ran into the bathroom went we got back to my Mother’s house and did a fashion shoot for me sadly her Mother probably never put it on her 😦 but she will never forget the day we had so much fun!

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