Our Past


We took a hike in the local State Park.

The dog and I took the lead, while he swung his metal detector.

I came around a corner and saw this through the trees.  I thought it was

a beautiful piece of the past.  The home it had kept warm was long

since gone, trees grew where it once was.  Now I am left wondering

who was it that used to live in these woods , out behind the area I call home and will

my place be reduced to just a chimney someday as well.  I hope not, this place I call

home is in such a pretty spot, then again this one is too.

History took place here.  We are apart of the original 13 Colonies. Battles were fought and won.

We love looking in this type of area for signs left from those times.  They did not have a lot in those days

by our standards but they were rich in so much more.   It was not easy for them to come to a new

country.  They did it though and this to me is all the proof  I need.

5 thoughts on “Our Past

    1. I am finding so many of these types of signs. It reminds me to live. In a rig I didn’t get into the woods much and had I found this as a child I never would have wanted to leave.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

    1. I am searching the old maps to find who used to live there and will look for ancestors 🙂 We are always hunting for cellar holes but this one stood the test of time

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