I need to learn to work in Neutrals

Here are some more of the pieces I make, that are for sale and I also make custom pieces in not so BOLD COLORS

These were the 1st two stitches I learned.

Tubular Peyote and Kumihimo


A few more lessons learned


This one below is a type of netted cuff.

Sea Glass Pendent


another wrapped piece



Fused Glass Pendent/Dicrohic Glass also wrapped



A Silver link Necklace I made by hand


Pretty Holiday Colors with Crystals here and there.

It always starts with beads!


I was thinking Autumn into Halloween

Maybe my most mellow piece,lol

Eyeglass Layard’s in buyer’s choice of color, these I called Root beer.

Top one Root beer and Pink Herringbone

Banana Cream and Peach with White ,these are even count flat peyote

light weight Purple and White Earrings

A mixture of all types of dangle earrings

Dicrohic Dangles

Crystal and Stone with three  larger beads for accent

Even Count Flat Peyote

with cream button to go with cream and beautiful bluish-green beads


Spiral Stitch Bracelet in pretty  Greens and Yellows



Thanks for checking them out

I have a Pinertrest board for Color Inspiration but NO Neutrals not sure if many people  LOVE COLOR

I myself live in a Turquoise House so you know I do.





18 thoughts on “I need to learn to work in Neutrals

  1. I love color and I believe that most people want their jewelry to have color and stand out, to make a statement. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! I really thought with summer whites a little spash of bright color on the wrist would be perfect but you need just the right person to SEE IT and “LIKE IT” lol

    1. Thanks so much Follow me and wait and see what I will be doing shortly 🙂

    1. I too LOVE them but seems like I am just not around the kind of people who adore color 🙂

    1. We must be birds of a feather!

      I love COLOR but I need to tone it down if I am ever to sell my beading maybe I will just sell Black and White and do COLOR for ME 🙂

      I love that glass artist and this was set up in MFA in Boston last summer I would have loved to help set it up for him but can you imagine THE BREAKAGE lol
      I used to haul carnival rides and you could hear the glass bulbs breaking on the Roundup as I went down badly maintained Boston Roadways 🙂

      1. I think so. I love color but I don’t have much of an imagination. I took an oil painting class several years ago and the instructior kept wanting me to do color wheels until I got more comfortable in mixing colors. I guess I did about a hundred of them, no luck. So I quit class and started painting on my own, but alas, I still had no color sense. But I do know it when I see it, I just can’t imagine it.
        Goodness, you bring back memories. I used to love carnivals but I have never been sicker than the one and only time I ever rode the roundup. I thought I would surely die:)

      2. Now I said I HAULED THEM never said I RODE THEM lol I do love the Carnival the setting up of it the tearing down and trucking and then the place when it feel electric with all the lights and noise as well as children’s laughter and OMG the SMELLS


    1. LOL That is exactly one reason I signed up for my first class because I did not think I was anything any more 🙂 Thanks so much beading got me through some really rough patches 🙂

    1. Thanks I do too Soon I will be in the barn fusing away too hot most summer days for me in the barn lol I love my sunshine

    1. Thanks I make so much and want to sell it I just do not want to sit at a Craft Fair lol

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