July 1st Byron Maine

Our day started very early.  Up before the sun.  All we had left to do was drive to the special spot and start prospecting for gold.   He took the dredge and shovel and 4 buckets. I brought my dog(lol)camera of course)and something for the small propane camping stove.  What a Beautiful day it was.  We will never forget we had the river to ourselves. Just the hum of a dredge running on a pretty day.  While it sucked up what he placed in front of his nozzle, and then up the hose and through the triple sluice box, it held different sizes of GOLD on each level and flushed out the junk(plain rocks,lol) I am going to try to take you through this pretty day along a pretty spot in the river.  Maybe you will catch the FEVER, lol Gold Fever.

This is just a two and half in. dredge.  This will move small rocks and packed gravel and place it back into the stream for fish to pick through for food  and a place for some to lay eggs.  We clean out all the lead, from the area he is working in.  At the end of the day the place is clean of metal,lead and hopefully GOLD.

The hose is 2 1/2 in. in diameter so we do not take home boulders, or destroy the land we play in, we just enjoy the openness of this river and how it changes month by month.  With ever passing storm that brings heavy rains, these boulders roll along and Gold collects in certain spots.  It has been since the beginning of time.  We just have more ways to search for it than a beaten up pie pan as the 49ers did.

Now that I showed you his equipment let me show you this beautiful spot in Maine.

See that big rock formation it is called Bedrock.  It is what we want to see a lot of.

The boulders above are what rolls down the river and eventually flattens out the GOLD into flakes and pickers, we still search for the NUGGETS though, down against bedrock that has been covered for hundreds of years or more.

A tiny feeder brook dumps in to this main river.  I comes from a mountain stream high above, which has been filled with winter run off(SNOW) I love following these streams up through the woods with a camera and a gold pan.


Also you know she will be beside us on our journey.  He she is tired from so much play.  She spent most of the day in the water and loved her day as much as we did. Life is good for two cripples.  We take lots of breaks to take in the beauty and rest our injured parts.  He feels good in his wet suit sitting in the river but he will pay for days after we get home.  I will too from the driving and walking but we need to do something or this is no reason to be here.

On this first day of July we found hundreds of assorted butterflies that spent the day with us, this one spent enough time on our shovel for me to get a few photos to share.

Hope you enjoy our day as much as we did.


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    1. Thank you
      My Dad always wanted to drive us 4 children across country in this old bus he got. He never said why he wanted us to see Alaska but a tiny part of me hopes I am doing what he always wanted for me. We lost his 6 years ago. Funny both he and I loved driving trucks and racing cars. He think if he can he is surly smiling down upon me. Panning is a lot of fun I do not know where you live or if you still have your Dad but it is never too late..

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