by nutsfortreasure

Why oh why are there so many weeds?

I swear I bought only the top of the line seeds!

I went into the garden at 10:30

came out at 3:30 hurting.

I buy the best.

I leave the rest.

I pay extra for organic

now I need a body mechanic.

So how will my garden grow?

At this rate very SLOW!

Why spend the extra cash?

I planted beans and only got GRASS!

Now I too am out of GAS!

I used to love weeding.

Now all I find myself doing is pleading.

Pleading for the weeds to go.

So my seeds I bought can grow!




10 thoughts on “WEEDS

    1. Thanks!

      I waited so long for all my seeds to come up I had to take a weed whacker into the garden yesterday 😦 not a tool you want with your young plants but ground hogs got a lot of them so tools will change TODAY lol They could stay here if they would only mow down the WEEDS lol

      1. That’s funny, because I just went out and replaced my broken weed wacker, yesterday! I was going to try and pull them, and then, I said no way. It is those nasty weeds in the sidewalk that drive me crazy. They have now been weed wacked! Enjoy the day! πŸ˜‰

      2. For the ones that grow outside of my organic garden I use boiling water from tea kettle. Have a GREAT DAY as well

  1. Haha brilliant poem! Oh I am so with you about those pesky weeds – I can cope with the weedy weeds with little roots – but those determined weeds that are trying to root to the centre of the earth pfffttt!
    Gardening is a risky business – I’ve stuck to my poetry this summer!! πŸ™‚

    1. lol cleaver maybe because I am a smart a– I HATE that I can grow grass in my garden 2 ft tall but in the yard but 5″ tall lol
      I am glad you got to chuckle before you have to pull more πŸ™‚

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