“Weekly Photo Challenge” Create

Creating a bracelet and earrings to sell.

9 thoughts on ““Weekly Photo Challenge” Create

    1. Thanks I love color as you can clearly see and find inspiration in bead shops and my GARDEN Had I made it in Orange and Black ir may have sold already. I was told it looked like a zipper :). I actually made it when I knew Orange would be a hot color and wanted to make it more feminine to go with White jeans and a White summer top just a punch of color against a tanned arm.

      Thanks for making a comment I love feedback!

    1. I am in a Master Beading program up here in NH and as a apprentice I have to learn so many stitches
      so I am trying to do so many things with ALL THESE BEADS lol Thanks so much for you comment I
      do appreciate feedback

    1. Thanks so much for checking out my entry. Also for the very nice comment as well 🙂

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