Dreams (for weekly challenge)


filled with screams.

No one can hear them.

Tears start to fall in a steady stream

I wake to find it was only a dream

A very scary one  where only I ,

could hear the screams.




10 thoughts on “Dreams (for weekly challenge)

    1. Me too so long ago lol
      I have to try these challenges even if mine are short and sweet well maybe not so 🙂

      1. Thanks so much Anne
        I am trying
        I learn so much from all of you to just DO IT!

      2. 😀 I know…me too. Sometimes the challenges scare me a little. But they’re good exercises I think. I didn’t know how to do this one without making it longer than the 20 lines…how to make it something that would make sense. I probably could’ve found a way. But the 20 lines doesn’t seem to be a hard and fast rule here, so I went for it anyway. I love reading your stuff and the others’ stuff. I really like having this place to come to…like a community to share our writings, or photography. I’m glad to see more and more people contributing too.

      3. I too find this place we all signed up, a secret place I can go and play and if someone likes or is touched by something they leave a LIKE or some kinds words I like this a lot it reminds me there are so many nice people in the world not just in mine I always love what you write and I am afraid to go over so I seldom put myself out there 🙂

      4. This poetry thing especially I think can be very revealing…or it feels that way. It’s really ‘baring’ your soul sometimes, and it leaves me feeling a bit vulnerable at times. But at the same time, that outlet is a way to express those feelings lurking within…whether they’re happy ones sometimes or the really darker,, deeper things. It’s definitely putting ourselves out there, as you say. 🙂

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