Cape Cod

Now this is from my point of view.

Others will see  it differently but this is what a day in Provincetown, MA.  is for us.

This was during the winter, albeit a mild one.

This is the light house at the end of the “HOOK”

A Pier in P-Town

We hunt for treasure of ANY KIND. This was  a beautifully warm  January Day.

We meet people we once knew long ago or a stranger whom we will never forget.

We bring our girl JT for a nice ride and a few hours of chasing her frisbee, she hates

when I stop the action to snap a photo of her.

I love these places that have water beneath them when the tides are high.

When the  tides pull back out , it once again becomes a beach.

This one they let dogs play on .

For me all beaches should be free to come and go, as nature meant it to be.

No rules would be nice but so many leave such a mess behind then.

I guess no more so than oil companies and septic treatment plants do.

I take what I bring back out with me, I pick up after JT and he picks up all metal, not just lost change and cell phone  but he finds  copper pieces, lead sinkers and plenty of aluminum none of which should be in such a beautiful place.

We find bottles people have broken the top off and buried just under the surface.  Sad for someone to care so little about another’s life.  We even  find  empty syringes too.

I metal detected for a total of one hr .   and I filled a trash bag with just empty beer cans .

I took  it to  a machine  that took empty cans, for 5 cents each!

It was a good  day!

This was the final photo I took, after a beautiful day spent at the very tip of Cape Cod.

For those who have never been put it on your Bucket List.  So much history here.


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