PHOTOS are sure to come………lol

Today has been a very interesting day in our yard.

So many different types of birds have come to our feeders.

There are babies to feed.


I need to learn to walk around our home with a camera swinging from my neck

and not a pretty piece of jewelry I just made.


The dog, JT is going nuts in the living room, relentless barking..

I  walk around the corner to see if the cat is chasing the dogs squirrel.

No  not a small furry grey squirrel but a large Black Bear!

He was slamming himself up against the pole we have an old umbrella attached to.  We  hang Hummingbird nectar up high as well suet and seed.  I guess it was  just to tempting for our local Bruin.  What was a bear to do with all those yummy offerings, just hanging out of his reach.


The dog barking got him to stop and drop and take off!   The cat, our very cool cat was scared to death and ran for cover,  she is just now coming with lots of coaxing from me.  This the same cat who chills with Wild Turkey.  Her yard is changing.  I always had 4 dogs. Now with just one, who always travels with us, it seems to have let them become more of our landscape.

This past Christmas Coyotes came calling. They hung around close by,, their calls at night unnerving.. They stayed around and took down a few deer, mated and for now have moved on.  Then Raccoon, Fox, Beavers etc. they have all been here.  I know I am doing so many things right here for them to stroll through but I also know I should not have feeders out right now, it is just to tempting..

 I had just bought food and made more nectar and just made all the birds and squirrels happy. I felt bad there has been so much rain here. The nests are full of young and more eggs  that will hatch and need to be fed so many times in the course of a day.. 


This time just a piece was broken off and suet fell to the ground as well as one Hummingbird feeder.  Lesson learned they will come down at night and go back up at 10 AM  when I can catch him in the act and shoo him away.  That is my plan anyway..  Wish me LUCK, lol


12 thoughts on “PHOTOS are sure to come………lol

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  1. I sent one back naming you and the others but I cheated I will look at your instructions come morning with my coffee and camera lol I am beat Have a great night!
    Anne thanks again

      1. Can’t believe you drove big rigs 15+ hours every day for 25+ years, most incredible history; here’s to you for at least 25+ more of the animal antics lifestyle…

  2. Legally all I did was 15 per day 6 and sometimes 7 days a week unless the truck was in the shop that was my vacation well till I got the bill 😦 I owned my own so you have to work hard I am just now learning to live in pain and find photographing the birds and flowers here finally give me peace. I have almost 2.5 Mil miles accident free which is a feat in its self 🙂 I loved being one of the first ladies in early 20’s in the early 70’s and I climbed out of a rig for last time in 2009

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