Let me give you a closer look at our Border Collie.

JT is a female

She just turned six years old.

She is loved by all who have met her.

She is very well-behaved with  adults and children.

She loves our cat, The Cool One!

She has been attacked so many times while playing with me on the beach,  she really doesn’t trust too many dogs.  This saddens me. It is something I wish I could have prevented but I know I could not.  I have been working hard with her, to lessen her grip on protecting me.  She has no lambs or sheep to herd so she watches over me.

She loves her Frisbee and knows the name of each of her toys, now to make her pick them up and put them away would be a great trick. She will bring me each one as I call out it’s name but I have to place it in the basket.  She is a DOG after all.

JT has been across this county not once but twice.  On back to back years she rode with us to Arizona and slept with us on an air mattress in a tent. The desert was not like anything she had every seen.  They had huge rabbits and even bigger coyotes chasing them!  She was just a pup and we had to  keep a close eye on her.  Some how she knew to stay close and to just listen to what we said.  She got so good with the English language that we have been reduced to spelling her favorite places and activities.  She is very smart.

So two 10,000 miles trips under her collar.  She is well-traveled but even more so she is well received.

She has stayed in many motels overlooking the ocean.  She loves the beach. All that open space for her to draw circles on,  with her repeated  tracks over and over, as I throw and throw her favorite toy..

Last summer we heard about an event for Disc Dogs and since we were camping and it was going to be raining we took her over so we could watch all the REAL Frisbee Dogs compete.  The man in charge said it would be OK if she used her filthy one to play Toss and Catch. They were all using fancy type, special ones.  So we signed up and sat and waited and waited and watched dog after dog compete before judges.  Our dog was amazing.  We never saw her stay so still.  She laid there and watched as each dog took to the field.  She showed so much patience, she floored us.  It was as if she knew her time was coming.

Well they called her name and I said “Let’s go play JT it’s your turn!” she did not have to be asked twice! We were given the rules.  I had to stand behind a line, now I forgot to say this was all being done as there was a deluge of water, falling from the clouds above.  I mean it, everyone was soaked to the bone.  I could not disappoint her and take her home without having  her turn, so I put my fear aside for her.  I was worried about her  slipping on the wet field and let the Frisbee fly!  Over and over! I can not remember how long they gave me, maybe 90 seconds, not sure.  Time passed quickly as we saw our little girl turn on to the crowd and the clapping.  She loved it!  She would catch her Frisbee and fly back to me drop it at my feet and head for the field, again and again.  She was amazing to us and we know her.  Others clapped as we finished up and you could almost see her smile.  We have had some horrible things happen to this dog but today was not one of them.  That first trip out there she took 4th place.  We still had another round of dogs to watch before it would be her turn once again.

I will end this story here but I better say Part 1.  as there is much more to this little girl JT to share.