Living Things

4 thoughts on “Living Things

    1. Now I have to learn how to take just one photo from otyher BLOG and place here with a poem(hehe) or let it sit on it’s own to tell the story. Thanks again for your comment.

  1. So the first photo is of a baby pear, my tree is loaded with them!
    Next a beautiful open Peony
    More Flowers on same plant have opened
    Never seen that kind of Bee or Wash or what ever it may be but it likes sugar
    A female Hummingbird watching me watching her
    Ruggosa Rose a hedge type rosebush that is loaded with these blooms from spring to fall in New England.
    The next is a Female Wild Turkey with a bum foot 😦 She is so small as other pick on her so I feed her myself 🙂 I know I am messing with Mother Nature but she has graced my yard with her presence.

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